I like to change things up.


I used to be a person who rearranged her furniture fairly frequently just to keep things “new;” however, the dimensions of the rooms in our home prevent me from doing this ever frequently.

So….I rearrange the next best thing VERY frequently:

My blog!

Why not, right?

In December I switched over to WordPress because of some features that looked attractive to me.

But truthfully, I didn’t blog nearly as often because I. Just. Couldn’t. Figure. It. Out!! Different nuances in text appearance, how to color up my blog with a template I loved, and other such things kept me from feeling completely at home there.

And I couldn’t have my Blogher ads on my blog here (am working on getting them reinstated – got motivated after just recently getting another check from them) either.

But most of all, after 4 years of blogging (aack!) I just love Blogger and am happy to be using their platform again – with one major change, though! I finally bought my own domain!


Bookmark it and come back to visit often!


Christopher is intent on keeping me fixed on him and him alone.

Usually his radar will awaken him from sleep the instant Seth tries to touch me, intimately or otherwise, at night.

Today it has been any time I try to sit down and sort my thoughts out – once while doing a Bible Study and now, when he’d just gotten down for a nap, I thought I’d take a stab at blogging, but the siren wails upstairs instead.


  • This week was the Busiest.  Week.  EVAH!  We had something going EVERY day (largely dominated by the girl scouts and cub scouts with a smidge of school music program thrown in for good measure – ahh, the schedule strains joys of being parents to schoolagers!) and by today after church, Seth and I were ZONKED out.  God granted us one of His oh so tender mercies and we were blessed with a Sunday Nap this afternoon – which has not happened in a LONG time.  (Note: Sunday Nap is not the same as the also popular, air quoted “Sunday Nap.” :giggle:  This was pure, unadulterated SLEEP.)
  • Re: the bridesmaid dress, we had some drama….you see, David’s Bridal told us they could get me any of the dresses I liked in the peridot color of my sisters choosing, IN 12 WEEKS!  AAcck – people the wedding is one month from today! So my sister did some online searching and had a little wedding miracle.  See, she found on craigslist, the boatneck dress, in peridot plus a white peakaboo skirt and white sash, in my size, in the same state as she lives in!  For a reasonable price, too.  So that is decided.
  • I have a million, jillion things I wished I could have gotten written this week, but see above reference to busiest week ever, add one cranky lil guy who is currently cutting 4 horrible teeth (that are taking their sweet time torturing my sweet baby as well as the rest of casa del Meyer) and well I haven’t gotten much of anything accomplished this week given I have been a sleep-deprived zombie in harried deadline mode.
  • Well, that’s not entirely true as I did stick to my running training and I did totally run my heart out at the Sweetheart Classic yesterday.  4 Miles, in 51 minutes and change, which is none too shabby given a few things: 1.) I ran my first 5k in October in 43 mins 10 secs 2.) this course was much hillier and 3.) a good half or more of the race was in a very strong headwind (which coincided with the inclines – oof!) – so I did accomplish something pretty big, if you factor that baby in!  God is so good, and I am continually amazed at the ways in which He meets me when I’m running.  Bolder Boulder is looking quite feasible now – bring it on!
  • We got our federal return on Friday and I promptly began paying off medical bills.  Got some big monkeys off the back with that and I am so grateful to have our heads above water again.

Hoping to pound the keys with more meaningful words this week – intention and actuality often differ – but for now I’m gonna go to sleep since the tortured little soul baby is asleep.


So… I have this theory….

There is a reason why bridesmaids and brides are indeed supposed to be fair maidens and virginal; such distinctive traits insure that they have not gained The Honeymoon’s Over 30+ (forget the Freshman 15, kids) nor will they have endured the expansion, contraction and subsequent sagging due to the  bearing of offspring.

In other words, wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses are for people who still look good!  I’m telling you the truth on this one – I mean just look at how many of these dresses are strapless!  Not to mention that so many of the fabrics, ahem satin, tend to hug every lump and bump a girl’s got, particularly when paired with a shade from the family known as pastel.

So I went dress shopping for my MOH dress for my sister’s wedding today.  Because I love my sister and will do anything I can to make her day great, I opted to, you know, actually try dresses on versus risking an on-line order fiasco.  This was a humbling experience.  Yet one I now know to have been completely necessary.

First off, they didn’t have any of the dress styles in my size that were of the same color my sister has chosen.  So some dresses were hard to imagine the right way, as the colors were all quite wrong.

Secondly, I should have realized that all the models in the catalog are GIANTESSES with legs that never end, and thus all the styles I eschewed as being too short, actually were about right.  And the ones that I thought were a nice modest length, made me look as if I had nubs for legs.

Proof, you ask?  You want proof that it really was.  That.  Bad.  Well look no further.

Pardon the bra straps in this picture – it was the first I tried on. I ditched the bra later. I really do like this one – it is simple, modest neckline, and flattering fit, too.  But that thing I mentioned about satin hugging all the lumps and bumps?  It is kind of doing this in a bright color, and I’m leary about what the lighter sage green (peridot, if you will) might do on my body’s hardly level topography.

This one fit ok in the skirt and with the length, but the halter would need to be trimmed so that the bust would come up – too low and much boobage is viewable.

This one was ok – my arm/boob junction chub kind of overlaps the top seam of the dress which made me somewhat self-conscious, and the length was a lot longer than it appeared to be in the catalog – so I think would look better shorter.

This one is a no go – if you look at my back reflection, my back fat is scooshed such that it looks like I have a butt crack in the middle of my back.  Also – too short on the leg and low on the bust – made me look smooshed down and wide a la a funhouse mirror.  That’s a great look.  Not.

My friend and I really liked this one (particularly that it was chocolate which is a color totally owned by me).  In fact my friend made the remark, “That’s a dress that I’m afraid would have Seth itching to take you into a back room!”  LOL.  Concern: it is cotton sateen and they had no peridot anything in sateen with which we could compare and get a read on what the fabric/color combo might actually look like WORN.   Reason: like satin, sometimes a light cotton fabric will “cling” to lumps and bumps on a woman’s figure – think heavy girl in khaki pants, ‘nuf said, right?  Also….about this point I began to hate on my shoulders – I am really broad in the shoulders in proportion to the rest of my body and feel as if the length from my shoulders to my chest is kind of long, leaving me feeling quite exposed in a strapless fashion.  If I were to go with this I would probably order a wrap to wear on my shoulders.

This dress is ok too…it’s not my favorite but my friend thought it looked really nice.  It too is the cotton sateen, but flares away from my tummy troubles so it could work well.  Holy cow was that blue friggin’ electric – Debbie Gibson and visions of blue mascara began playing in my gotta-connect-everything-to-pop-culture mind.

In one of the worst color picks of the day, was this palest pink dress – which again was a deceptively LONG dress.  Other than the need for a length alteration, it wasn’t such a bad dress.

There were others – the mod 60’s TANGERINE (I mean who chooses TANGERINE, neon orange, for their wedding color?) that was so NOT flattering to my bod, a few sweetheart necklines in which I felt like Kirstie Alley trying to model Victoria’s Secret (:shudders:) and a few others that were just meh.

On a positive note – my calves have totally deffed up with all the running.  I put those heels on and was like, “Wowza, who’s the chick with the supa hot legs there?”  So the dress might suck [on me], but my legs will totally be rocking the high heels – all is not lost.

Thoughts on any of these dresses?  Make your vote count!

Some people are list-makers, claiming they love the feeling of accomplishment as they cross each “to-do” off.

I love accomplishment.  I love feeling like I’ve done something worthwhile, meaningful, and done them well, no less.

There’s the rub, though.  That last part – that part about doing something well – it often paralyzes my progress, and usually before any progress has actually been made.

So I might make a list, but when I review it I begin to think, “Oh wow, that is a lot – there’s no way it can all get done [perfectly] today.”  And instead of breaking it down into chunks that are achievable I just spin my wheels in overwhelm – going nowhere.  And with that thought the voice of Dr. Phil is cued: “So, uh, how’s that workin’ for ya?”

It’s not.  At.  All.

My list is so big right now:

  • Spend more time in Scripture/prayer
  • Fix the finances
  • Organize the house and keep it clean
  • Set some exercise goals and attain them
  • Spend more time writing

Among other things.

I’ve been focusing less on making the lists and more on just doing them.  And things are getting done.  Please bear with me as things adjust and I acclimate to a more purposeful, regimented routine.

It’s Friday – thank you, dear Lord!

It’s been a long week, though a fairly productive one.

I’ve gotten myself to the gym a couple times (free membership almost over), but truthfully, I’ve been missing running in a natural setting.  That is to say that my “natural” is paved and suburban (stroller friendly, remember) versus the craziness of true trail runners.  Would that I could do that, but alas, my running time is limited to those times when I have the littlest one with me and, well, I ain’t gonna strap a pappoose on me and give my child shaken baby syndrome via running.  (Though in the sake of full disclosure, that probably wouldn’t happen anyway as my pace is none so rapid, lol).  All of this to say, I miss the cold[ish – as I cannot run well when the temp drops into the teens or below), I miss being able to listen to Slacker radio on my phone (the gym is a giant deadspot and I haven’t figured out how to cache my station), I miss being able to go somewhere rather than the ever-moving-but-never-going-anywhere of the treadmill, and most of all I miss the fresh air.  So, I will be kind of glad to be done there (I prepaid some childcare visits, hence the continuation!).

I’ve been trying to figure out just how involved I wish to become re: the turmoil of an organization I used to work with.  Some other concerned persons have contacted me and on the one hand, it needs to be addressed since the organization deals extensively with putting people’s lives back together; on the other hand, I’m not paid personnel and really have no authority anyway – so would it be a waste of time/energy?  This one has me praying for wisdom, discernment, and balance.

We have money coming soon via our tax refund and that will help us dig out of the hole.  I’m praying that we can get on the right track with it, give back to God, pay up on our debts and stand on fairly steady ground once again.  In the interim, I have gone into full-on penny-pinching mode.  I have made our bread this week instead of buying it at the store, and I made laundry detergent last night.  Per above- I have had a pretty productive week, and thus, I’m here – blogging!

We had some friends of the family who were in an awful accident almost 2 wks ago and have been following their progress and keeping them in our prayers.  The mother and two children were hit as they slid into oncoming traffic.  The son was killed and the daughter only recently came out of her coma.  Mom and Dad are physically ok, but are of course grieving the loss of their son.  It’s been wearying trying to put myself in their shoes and given me some perspective about how I’ve been dealing [or not] with my own personal struggles.

This reads kind of like a report – and I hate that, wishing instead that my writing was back up to snuff with my potential, that words like this would appear again:

… Alien contours of the Foothills, previously only attended to by me briefly in the due-south pavement pounding trip known as “going to Denver,” spread out right before me, dotted with remnants of snow, some wispy stratus clouds above and to the south, and a continuous wall of thick, white thunderheads that stretched on for miles to the north.

As dusk overcame the mountains, they took on the appearance of burnt camp-fire wood; the mountains dark and rugged, the spots of snow becoming gray-white ashes, with the amber glow of the sun dropping behind them – lending to the image of smoldering embers. The sky was the pristine blue of topaz, with the stratus clouds becoming opalescent; white with flecks of that palest blue, fiery pink, and molten orange showing through the translucencies. The thunderheads gleamed with whiteness.

I was so moved by it – and remember making a mental note to myself to re-capture this image with words – that I quickly breathed a prayer of thanks to my Maker, Maker of this sunset…

I’ll find that mojo again someday.  I’m praying that God will bless me with words again, and that He can work through my words – For now, the above is what “came” to me, so I figure I’ll write what I’ve got and eventually I’ll ease back into a flow.

Have a great weekend y’all!

I’m so glad that yesterday is over and that Scripture tells us God’s mercies are new every morning.

Yesterday was an insane day – I was jokingly terming it “Woeful Wednesday” in my head.  Yes, it was.  That. Bad.

I’d tell you all about it (and started to, actually) but it is a really long whine, and really don’t we all get enough whining every day?

Suffice to say that I had bratty kids, went grocery shopping because our pantry was BARE, left my wallet at the store but didn’t realize this until I’d pulled into a gas station because my low-fuel light was on, left to go get my wallet, and ran out of gas at a major intersection in rush-hour traffic.

Just one question?  When did my life become a re-run of I Love Lucy?  I mean seriously, between the stuff I’ve documented on NMM and this, I feel like I’m one comical scene away from being right there with Lucy and Ethel, including the dramatic Whaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh at the end of the day, lol.

So here’s to humor and a great NEW day.  I’m off to drink a pot of decaf coffee and get my laundry going.

Yes, it’s Monday again, and yes I have plenty to tell you all what I have NOT been up to.

I have definitely NOT let my baby call a Pack ‘N Play in our room his bed for the last 6 months instead of a crib. (His first bed was a proper cradle in our room).  I definitely have NOT procrastinated on getting the crib assembled because all of the bedrooms were NOT in a state such that they would have failed a health and safety inspection.  Not me, I’m a great housekeeper, I stay on top of things, and I have taught my children well in the tidying arena! (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

I did NOT then, spend a whole day in Colton’s room last Saturday, while Seth was working, cleaning and reorganizing furniture so that we could get the crib put up.  Again, things are so neat and tidy that I barely have to do much to maintain our clean home!  Because none of this happened, I did not have to call Seth at work to inquire as to where I might find an allen wrench (During said call I informed him I DO know what one is – just didn’t know where they were making their home).  And I didn’t promptly go into the garage where he has a BUCKET of tools and other miscellania, find my allen wrench and proceed to assemble a crib, all by myself.  I did NOT have any problems following instructions and was quite smug and pleased with myself when it was all put together.  But then I did NOT notice a piece that was still out and realize I’d forgotten to put it in, oh, all the way back in STEP 2!!!  *sigh*  Right about then Seth got home (telling you, I did NOT spend ALL day in there!) and got that odd piece in and went to tighten my allen wrench screws.  I did NOT hand him the TENT STAKE I’d used all along as an allen wrench, and we did not laugh at ALL about my sleep-deprivation induced stupidity.  Seth did NOT remind me, “I know what an allen wrench is, I just need to know where they are!”  Oy vey.  Always an adventure.

In other life events, Kelsey is selling Girl Scout Cookies (and will be thru the end of February so if you want some, e-mail me!).  Last Monday we went around the neighborhood and sold some cookies to the folks living in the townhomes.  When we returned she wanted to call all of her relatives and sell over the phone.  When we got to her Uncle Jared’s phone number, I did NOT tell her it was “303- 619-xxxx” instead of “303-617-xxxx.”  Thus she did not speak to a TOTAL STRANGER.  So I did NOT have the following conversation when she handed me the phone while I was cooking dinner that night:


“Hi, this is Raleigh.”

“What?  Is Jared not there?  Are you a friend?”

“Uh, no – your daughter just called me, Raleigh, and wanted to sell me some cookies.”


“Oh, no!  I told her 619, and it should have been 617!  Oh, I’m so sorry, she meant to call her Uncle Jared!”

“Well, I’m a businessman and I thought she did a great job for a cold call – so I’d still like to purchase a box from her.”

And I did NOT proceed to collect his mailing information so that we could then ship his box of cookies when we got them in.

Finally, the other night we did NOT start baths so late that Kelsey had to be in brushing her teeth while the boys bathed. (Kelsey and Colton are getting to that age where they really ought to give each other privacy when nude now).  Colton was kicking water with his legs to splash Chritopher a bit (my shirt sleeves as well, I might add), and I did Not giggle when Kelsey glanced over and said, “Your penis looks like a bobble-head when you do that!”  That would be immature and only serve to encourage future sayings of this funny little phrase.  No, I remained calm and without response, so really I had NO idea why Colton proceeded to chant over and over that night “I have a bobble-head penis!”  And I definitely did not have to suppress more laughs again while typing that story out.  Because I’m more grown up than that.

Suffice to say that my protected post was re: a completely hypothetical scenario wherein I would be offered a job that was once [possibly still may yet be] on a list under the header of  “Dream Jobs.”

That post was highly impulsive and very much me thinking, not even thinking per se – more like conjecturing –  out loud, given a recent turn of events.

I have NOT been offered a job.

The necessary events for me to be offered said hypothetical job have NOT yet even occurred, nor is it for sure that they would – but there is potential.

So you see, just me being wildly imaginative – and given this part of my post:

So – setting the stage…..

#1.) I shocked myself and everyone around me when I gave up put on hold my career aspirations to have a 3rd child and stay at home with him and be more present with my school-agers.  It’s not been easy, but since when is sacrificing one’s self for the well-being of others, namely their loved ones, an EASY thing?  I mean if it were so easy, we’d have more intact families, less greed, a kinder – more courteous society, etc, etc, right?  Anyway, again, it has been the kind of hard that makes me feel as if each day I’ve run a mental marathon, given my bend toward validation, ambition, and accomplishment.  Despite the inner turmoil of my constant shadow-boxing, there have been significant rewards.  I’m watching Kelsey and Colton not only grow, but THRIVE.  I get to see every little new thing (including Christopher’s first time at clapping a couple of weeks ago – so sweet!) that my baby is doing and not hear about it second hand.  Most of all, I feel as if Seth and I have really grown together as a couple.  I’ve felt God sending reinforcement to me every time I get weak and doubtful.  Because there are those times.  Especially when the money runs out – which it has done several times since we had a little monkey wrench thrown in for good measure with me getting gravely sick, sans insurance, last spring.  Time after time I sit and look at the bills and say, “We have more expenses than income – this is NOT working,” and then an unexpected bonus comes at Seth’s work (or a loan that we’ve taken out, or me selling my maternity clothes, or etc) and we struggle to claw ourselves back up to heads [barely] above water.  Right now that magic money that will catch us back up is our tax refund, so I vigilantly watch the mailbox for the last of the necessary tax documents to file our return.  Again, despite the stress of all this, Seth and I remain close and are somehow (seriously, it is a mystery to me!) ok with each other and not mad or resentful toward the other for our current financial state. God is really blessing us in this area!   But the checkbook looks bleak right now, to the point of me wondering about getting an overnight position somewhere to bring in some extra cash and yet not compromise the good thing we’ve got going at home.

Given that part, let’s just say that I was stressed about finances right before this glimmer of probability even entered my mind – thus putting me in a suggestive state of mind re: the whole return to work idea.

Here’s the thing – I don’t really want to.  There, I said it.  I, a former Ms. Ain’t No Man Gonna Keep ME Down Ain’t No Kids Gonna Keep Me From Being Successful brand of feminist, have (despite some struggle with that former mindset + financial hardship + some strong-willed children) actually grown to love this SAHM gig.  The duties are not so great sometimes, but the pay – seeing my kids THRIVE, having the energy and time to spend a whole day baking for a Girl Scout activity on a moment’s notice (a whole other post of its own merit), reaching a new level of spiritual and marital fulfillment, etc., etc. – yeah, the pay is phenomenal.

After I wrote that post and actually thought more I realized, Oh yeah, summer daycare x 3 = no M-F 9-5 job will pay enough! Duh.  And that’s just a starting point of why it wouldn’t actually work for me to go back to a day-job (FT or even PT).  For now, at least.  Not to mention the loss of all those other things I mentioned above (so many intangibles are wrapped up in the etc., etc., folks!) In a few years when Christopher is school-aged, it may make sense to reevaluate.

So…I spent a heck of a lot of time worrying about something that isn’t even yet a reality (typical of me), sucked some of you all into it with me, and it was all completely needless, lol.  I’m reminded of Matthew 6: 25-34 (Seriously I should tattoo this one on the back of my eyelids, I forget it all too easily), particularly verses 27 and 34 [emphases mine]:

27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life[a]?


34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

So….that’s all on that for now.  I’m done borrowing tomorrow’s troubles – they are now returned to the worry library for other doubters to check out.

Re: the post below that is password protected – if I haven’t already e-mailed you the password, and you are interested in reading it, please ask me.  There is some sensitive information in it and thus it is protected.

E-mail me at: hthrmyr@yahoo.com to get the password.

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