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  • This week was the Busiest.  Week.  EVAH!  We had something going EVERY day (largely dominated by the girl scouts and cub scouts with a smidge of school music program thrown in for good measure – ahh, the schedule strains joys of being parents to schoolagers!) and by today after church, Seth and I were ZONKED out.  God granted us one of His oh so tender mercies and we were blessed with a Sunday Nap this afternoon – which has not happened in a LONG time.  (Note: Sunday Nap is not the same as the also popular, air quoted “Sunday Nap.” :giggle:  This was pure, unadulterated SLEEP.)
  • Re: the bridesmaid dress, we had some drama….you see, David’s Bridal told us they could get me any of the dresses I liked in the peridot color of my sisters choosing, IN 12 WEEKS!  AAcck – people the wedding is one month from today! So my sister did some online searching and had a little wedding miracle.  See, she found on craigslist, the boatneck dress, in peridot plus a white peakaboo skirt and white sash, in my size, in the same state as she lives in!  For a reasonable price, too.  So that is decided.
  • I have a million, jillion things I wished I could have gotten written this week, but see above reference to busiest week ever, add one cranky lil guy who is currently cutting 4 horrible teeth (that are taking their sweet time torturing my sweet baby as well as the rest of casa del Meyer) and well I haven’t gotten much of anything accomplished this week given I have been a sleep-deprived zombie in harried deadline mode.
  • Well, that’s not entirely true as I did stick to my running training and I did totally run my heart out at the Sweetheart Classic yesterday.  4 Miles, in 51 minutes and change, which is none too shabby given a few things: 1.) I ran my first 5k in October in 43 mins 10 secs 2.) this course was much hillier and 3.) a good half or more of the race was in a very strong headwind (which coincided with the inclines – oof!) – so I did accomplish something pretty big, if you factor that baby in!  God is so good, and I am continually amazed at the ways in which He meets me when I’m running.  Bolder Boulder is looking quite feasible now – bring it on!
  • We got our federal return on Friday and I promptly began paying off medical bills.  Got some big monkeys off the back with that and I am so grateful to have our heads above water again.

Hoping to pound the keys with more meaningful words this week – intention and actuality often differ – but for now I’m gonna go to sleep since the tortured little soul baby is asleep.



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