I like to change things up.


I used to be a person who rearranged her furniture fairly frequently just to keep things “new;” however, the dimensions of the rooms in our home prevent me from doing this ever frequently.

So….I rearrange the next best thing VERY frequently:

My blog!

Why not, right?

In December I switched over to WordPress because of some features that looked attractive to me.

But truthfully, I didn’t blog nearly as often because I. Just. Couldn’t. Figure. It. Out!! Different nuances in text appearance, how to color up my blog with a template I loved, and other such things kept me from feeling completely at home there.

And I couldn’t have my Blogher ads on my blog here (am working on getting them reinstated – got motivated after just recently getting another check from them) either.

But most of all, after 4 years of blogging (aack!) I just love Blogger and am happy to be using their platform again – with one major change, though! I finally bought my own domain!


Bookmark it and come back to visit often!