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So my sister is getting married in March.

And I am her maid (matron, technically, but we both think that word is woefully OLD sounding, which I of course am nothing of the sort!) of honor – and totally flattered to be considered such, too!

Most of the dresses for such a person as me are, uh, strapless.

Which presents a bit of a problem, as 1.) even though I have lost 30 lbs in the past 8 months (w00t!) I still have some chub on my arms, and 2.) between breastfeeding 3 kiddos and uh, the passage of time, well, gravity has not been kind suffice to say.

Today I began to tackle #1.  Seeing as our temps have been FRIGID of late I have not been running as often as I’d like (averaging about 1x/wk – BOO!).  So, I knew I needed an indoor venue.  At mentioning such to a friend of mine, I was told that there was a local gym offering a free month’s membership in the coupon mailer this month.  And I was totally on it!  This morning I was running on a great treadmill while Christopher chilled in the nursery (all the while doing great there).  When I got done with my 30 min run, I said, “Hello, Mr. Dumbbell!” and proceeded to work my arms into jello.  Bonus of this outing?  Guaranteed shower for the day – at home, this is not always feasible.  So I felt great and then looked and smelled great for the rest of the day, hurrah!

Now….problem solving for issue #2 is not quite there, but I’m sure there are strapless bras out there that are not torture devices, and may help with lift.  Right?  This is your cue, dear internets, to clue me into the great products out there – that great word-of-mouth advertising that mommybloggers tend to promote.  Only caveat is BUDGET.

As for my title….well, I like to shop in a hunter-gatherer sort of mode.  Meaning I like to know EXACTLY what I’m after, spy it and walk out with it.  Not much for trying on millions of things, making an hours-in-the-making decision, and leaving unsure of whether I’ve got the right thing.

So, again, this is where I’m calling on you, dear readers with GREAT taste, who love to shop!  Help me find a MOH dress!

  • The dress must be green, in the sage or lighter variety (however, I do not look quite so hot in pastel shades, so the sagier the better).
  • While I’m working on being able to pull off strapless, I’d love a cap sleeve or even straps, spaghetti or otherwise.
  • Empire waist is a plus over fitted shapes, imo, for my shape
  • I’m pretty evenly proportioned, not too pear shaped (though have a bit of a tendency that direction), so something that flatters curves of an average height
  • I think tea length is more appropos than floor length given my build, but it’s not a priority per se

Send in your links in the comments.



[taps] Is this thing on?

So, yeah, it’s been a loooooooooong time since I sat down and pounded a keyboard.

Why so long?

Maybe because everything in the world has been on my shoulders and because I’ve been living the life of an ostrich (i.e. my head has been covered by sand, into which said head was thrust in hopes of acquiring the bliss said to be brought with ignorance)?

Maybe because everything is both so very right and yet so very wrong at the same time?

Maybe because I’m not at all anonymous in my blogging anymore, as my blog, due to a thoughtless click of a button, is now shared with all facebook friends, read: IRL people who KNOW me, or at least KNEW me at some point in time and not the random strangers or friends that the internet has offered me over the years. Funny, I used to think that I had carte blanche to say whatever I wanted when I was pseudo-anonymous (total anonymity is a farce, right?), but now I find myself censoring, wondering “What would that person think of me if I used PG-13 language,” or “Would this hurt so-and-so’s feelings?” or “Could this potentially be misinterpreted and held against me?”

I’ve been sick lately, so running has been out (and even if not sick, this week’s arctic temps have kept me confined as I have a running partner who really needn’t be exposed to brrr-freaking-cold air for the heck of it). Running has sort of taken the place of blogging as my sounding-off, head-clearing activity. Sort of. In that usually when I’m sounding off while running it is a sort of dialog between me and God. Not always verbalized, but a consciousness of themes and events in life that seems to make its way to Him in a Romans 8:26 fashion.

Money sucks. I hate this necessary evil with every fiber of my being. Yes, we are struggling. Yes, we have made dumb mistakes, repetitively even. Yes, some of the burdens were beyond our control, but no, we have not made the sacrifices we probably needed to to make ends meet. Relatively speaking, we are probably better off than many Americans, but personally, I hate this place we are in. I vacillate between thinking that I ought to go back to work and realizing that even if I could find something right now it probably would only cover childcare and possibly insurance. In other words, me working is not the magic cure-all.

Lil Guy is growing faster than I’d like. He’s sitting up and starting to army crawl quite frequently now. He’s my joy-bringer, that one. His smile, often accompanied by this one raised eyebrow thing that he does that implies a deeper understanding of the circumstance at hand than that possible of an infant, melts so much of the gray of life away that I wish I could just bottle it up for those all-too-frequent mentally rainy days.

Well, Lil Guy is awakened, so this is it for now.

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Recently my friend Angela began blogging, and as often happens when one begins to read someone new, introductions to other, new-to-you bloggers are made. Angela reads MckMama, who has this fabulous blog carnival/meme called:

MckMama explains:

Embarrassed that your child urinated in their pants at your mother in law’s house?Ashamed about the cupcakes you ate for dinner? Would you like to hide the fact that you put your child to bed in their dirty clothes from the day instead of in clean pajamas? We’ll don’t be! Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I’d rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!

So without further ado, here’s my attempt at my first Not Me! Monday

I definitely did not, in effort to boost my protein intake as recommended by a home health nurse, take out my [realtively] new Food Network blender (read: not cheap), throw some protein powder, milk, peanut butter and a banana in and proceed to blend without first remembering that the seal was not in place, but had been thrown in the blender by Someone (Not Me!) last time it was washed. I definitely did not put 2 and 2 together when the smoothie oozed all over out the bottom, and, because this didn’t happen to me, I did not later fish out the shredded bands that were once the seal to my beloved blender with a saddened heart. That would be completely boneheaded!

I surely didn’t place a towel on the sheet and sleep on it the other night when Lil Guy decided to wet my bed, and also proceeded to spit up like Mt. Vesuvius, during a midnight diaper change. Further, I didn’t continue to sleep like this for a few more days before changing the sheets – that would be disgusting!

Finally, I definitely have NOT been eating family size servings of the desserts that have come with the meals people have been bringing over. For example, an entire pan of brownies (that the family never even got to taste) disappeared over the course of 2 days, and I definitely did NOT eat them ALL.

Or maybe I did and that is why the pregnancy weight is no longer falling off me 😉

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I have:

  • Welcomed my 3rd baby into the world -5:31pm on April 25th
  • Survived the newborn haze and felt exceptionally good
  • Managed to catch pneumonia, which developed into pleural empyema
  • Was hospitalized for 12 days, during which my chest cavity was cut open, ribs spread and all the empyema gunk was scraped out
  • With the advocacy of the lactation dept, was able to select meds that were nursing friendly and have successfully continued to breast feed
  • Returned home last night

There is a lot to share, friends, like the beautiful birth story, the love of Christ that our church poured over us through the hospitalization, my incision pics (not for the faint of heart), etc, etc.

In the meantime, there is a lot that I have missed, too and I will slowly but surely try to catch up.

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We’ve officially “done” Christmas with both sets of parents and we are officially blessed with loving, kind, and thoughtful family.

On both sides.

Loving life.

Hoping the same for all of you!

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I started the below post 2 weeks ago…I feel like I’m losing my blogging mojo.

I’ve had so much stuff rolling around in my head lately that it’s caused severe anoblogia.

an·o·blog·i·a (ān’ə-blog’ē-ə)

  1. Loss of blogging appetite, especially as a result of overwhelm.
  2. Similar to anorexia nervosa, when one is afflicted with anoblogia, one thinks about blogging (eating) obsessively; however, cannot bring oneself to blog (eat)

I’m quitting my job in 3 weeks less than a week. The 19th is my last day. I am having trouble wrapping my head around it – despite the frantic brain dumps I’ve been doing for my possible soon to be successor. (THAT was quite a story too – after much drama, a hiring freeze being implemented the day after the posting for my job closed, and again, drama – they finally decided to hire someone to fill my spot)

There has been much to do at work to tie things up…and thus no goofing off and blogging in the interim….

Because at home I’ve been desperately trying to get my lia sophia business up and going (Excellent Beginnings goal is probably easier to achieve any month but December – duh). But, I made my goal at the 11th hour and I’m so proud!! Now I can breathe a bit and get my house cleaned, because if ya’ll thought this place was suffering, you ain’t seen nuthin’.

My house is a disaster. But it is getting there. When I’m home and the holiday rush is over – this place is going to be a clean machine. I can’t wait.

I’ve been doing too much in life, juggling too much trying to go through the motions and avoid the emotions, I think. I’m looking forward to rediscovering who I am supposed to be in this world – or wait, do we ever find that out?

Charlie Brown and I are doing good – found out yesterday (really – this part was not written earlier) that the baby is a boy – which is great, of course – no pleas from the children to send it back, as they were both hoping for a brother. He has an in utero nick-name of Bud now because the u/s tech announced that he was 12 oz, the weight of a soda (or a beer in this case).

My writing is suffering in my absence – I feel like this reads similarly to a 5th grade book report. Will improve, I promise.

Have had some funny pregnancy dreams this go round and will be sharing them with y’all shortly – good for a snicker or two.

Well, must go – have chores and bathing children to attend to before going to a Christmas party tonight.


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Blogger has a new “Follower” Gadget that I’ve put in on my sidebar. Currently, it just looks like a bunch of blah-blah because no one is “following” my blog. To follow a person’s blog, all it does it put your blogger profile pic in a little diagramy thing that looks like I have friends. So click away and become a follower!

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This morning I woke up with hands that looked like the Stay Puft Marshmello Man’s, and because they were so ginormously swollen, they ITCHED terribly. So badly, that both Charlie Brown and I laughed about just what activity may have caused this….ahem. My new James Avery ring, that I’ve been intermittently changing from wearing on my index finger to my middle finger, was barely budging off my middle finger. My hands were huge and painful.

Then the queasies….I’ve been actually sick about every other day for a week now – but the nausea is a daily occurrence that usually subsides about noon. This morning was a throw-up day (not by some psycho-somatic schedule, but by actually happening) and after the first heave, I saw some stars dancing around my head. Having experienced edema, changes in visual field and more woefully preeclamptic symptoms while pregnant with LMNOB (who was consequently induced lest I go into eclamptic seizures) I felt my red flags go up….briefly. Because, I would later remember, preeclampsia doesn’t usually show up until 20wks or more in a pregnancy. And I’m only 7 wks. So I was left thinking: WTH?

Then, as I swapped roles with the toilet – from bowing down to sitting on it – I realized that my downstairs’ flora has, erm, become a bit overgrown, if ya know what I mean. Just because there is a bun in the oven, in my opinion, that is no reason to have yeast overflowing. ANNNNNNNNND – the worst of all that is that I’m out of commission for a week b/c the doc says Monistat 7 is the only way to go whilst pg. No fair!

Hmmm….what else is there to whine about?

My hair – yes my hair. My normally very compliant with heat, gloriously bodied and voluminous hair has decided to rebel against me. Every morning is a battle, and given that my energy is in the tanks, the hair usually wins. And the shade appears to have changed – people keep asking me if I’ve lightened it and I’m all, “people, I haven’t done a damned thing to it – it has a mind of its own lately.”

At work the office across the hall from mine insists on burning the remaining coffee in the pot each day – which helps my queasies NONE.

I’m tired. I’m cranky. And while this baby is so something that I want and love – I just need a break. I need to take a full day off and just sleep. But for me to feel as if I could do that, I would probably need a maid to come in and overhaul my house first so that I could rest in peace without feeling as if I needed to “just do this one thing…” before going to bed.


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P.S. I called my doc about the preeclampsia worries, and she seemed to think it was all dehydration-related. She told me to check my BP at the pharmacy where I was getting my Monistat from and if it was normal, to just hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. BP was normal at 121/75 so I’m drinking ginger ale and gatorade as much as I can stomach it.

I saw this test over at Our Crooked Tree, and being the psychology nut I am, I had to do it. It pretty much sums me up.

Those stalkers out there might be going, “Hey, I thought you were an ESFJ?” and they’d be right, too. You see, I am so borderline on the Sensing/iNtuitive Perceiving/Judging categories that I flip flop between them often – depending on the mood/hormonal state I am in.

Without further ado, I bring you, Things You Never Quite Had Spelled Out About Heather, But Probably Had Assumed As Much (with commentary):

You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends. (Shock, huh?)

You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority and rules. (Didn’t I just basically say this the other day? Also, unimpressed with does not mean disrespectful of – I’m a good little rule following girl at heart, even if I don’t like ’em)

Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives. (I’m reminded of Charlie Brown saying I had BS Radar)

You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You’re quite the storyteller! (Surely this is true, lest you wouldn’t be here)

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart. (:batting my eyes: why yes, I do think this is accurate)

You often don’t follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. And you do break a lot of hearts. (I’m hoping that this means that while I’m totally true blue to my friends/family, see above, I do have a tendency to wonder “what if?” and play around – IN MY MIND & HARMLESSLY)

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do. (Generally speaking, yes. Sometimes I press that boundary between driven and workaholism)

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist. (Hee….MPA candidate experienced in non-profit and gov’t sectors who is going to be self-employed in the future, hmm, not too far off the mark eh?)

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding (I struggle with the second one from time to time, but mostly, this is a resounding yes)

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused (Totally on the first two, and ironically enough, given the whole driven thing, the latter sometimes is also true)

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So you know….Charlie Brown and I are mixing things up in the bedroom, trying new things.

One thing that is really hot for me is to have music playing while we’re enjoying one another – makes me think back to the days when we were young and dating, in college and newlywed. Ya know, back when life was a soundtrack?

So I’ve been cruising iTunes and making some select purchases…

So far, I’ve got:

Dave Matthews Band – Crash into me

Pat Monahan – Her Eyes

John Mayer – Your Body is a Wonderland

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

If you’re familiar with any or all of these, you’ll see that the style I’m after is:

  • Acoustic
  • REAL lyrics – No booty-thumpin’ “R&B” (those are SO air quotes too, b/c today’s R&B is like the crack babies of the real kings of soul like Marvin Gaye) and no power mush stuff
  • NOT Celine Dion or any other diva ballad – see the “real” criteria above

Any suggestions, following my criteria?

I need some help here, ladies!

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