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So, Charlie Brown and I are pretty tech savvy, right?

Yesterday, I had a pretty crappy day. I was so stressed about medical bills vs. income we had coming. Compounding this stress was the fact that my hormones were flying high as I [TMI in aboout 3, 2, 1] was on day 2 of my second period since Lil Guy has been born. [Sidenote: I know you’re thinking it – she’s like what, 3 mos postpartum and she’s had not one but two periods already?!? I KNOW!!!] I’d cried most of the night before and several times yesterday as well. Charlie Brown had called me a few times during the day, all of which I ended up crying during.

Later, I received the following texts from him, right in a row before I had a chance to respond. My thought responses are below, however. Prepare to be entertained

CB – Wanna play tonight? Only 2 conditions…

Indignantly, Uhmhm, I have now I have confirmation that the man never listens to a word I say! I told him that I am “otherwise incapacitated” this week.

CB- [I] know you can do all that, you like a challenge

:chuckles: ok, well, let’s see just what he has up his sleeve, even if it’s all for naught.

CB – 1. hour of 100% positive encouraging words and body language towards everybody on the field, 2. Doing what I tell you if I need to (prolly won’t)

At this point I was stymied and automatically sent a text back to him:

RR – ????? Is this meant for me???

But upon further analysis, I had the following thoughts:

1. I know I’ve been down today, but c’mon don’t you think I can pull myself together for your softball game? It’s kind of sweet though. And 2. What kind of kinky stuff are you thinking about, anyway? Dang, boy!

Right about then, he called me. He says, “Our friend sent those to me, as conditions for subbing on their team tonight. It didn’t show that it was a forwarded msg?”


So I told him what had been going through my mind as I’d gotten each text, and he got a good laugh out of it.

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Just trying to see if my facebook profile will show my blogposts automatically now.

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“Sort of…ahh, yup, pretty much,” said DSW’s techie husband.

Basically, the “nerves” of the computer fail to recognize my wireless card anymore.

The result is kind of like a man rendered impotent by an accident – the desire to connect is there, but the mechanism in which to do so is not.

The fix?

This little gizmo here. It works, I’m writing on my lappy as I speak. And that makes me very happy!

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Ok, so I’m pretty tech savvy when it comes to computer Microsoft applications.

Heck, I’m even starting to gel with CSS and HTML.

But today my lappy lost her internet mojo. The little HP Wireless Assistant icon has left the friggin’ building (normally I just click it and say, “On, mother…” and everything works…in case you couldn’t tell, that is the way I like things to roll…predictably) and the troubleshoot feature had me going to the Start/Run route which is friggin’ Compu-Greek to me.

It won’t let me do ipconfig because it says the ethernet blah de blah is disconnected. My question is twofold:

  • how did it do that, because I sure as heck didn’t tell it to, and
  • how do I get it back to connected?

Anyone? I hate having to use the desktop to get on the net, ‘specially on a day like today when it is nice to laze outside.

Edited to add: Looks like this is a common experience. What’s a girl to do?

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Well, folks we have a header!

Thanks so much to Jen and the help she gave me on it.

And to Charlie Brown for entertaining my hobby the past few days as I:

  1. Asked him to play photo-shoot with me
  2. Stayed on the computer for obscene amounts of time trying to get just the right look

Thank you….it means a lot.

Now….I just need to figure out how to:

  1. Make my “paneling” the same length as the whole blog
  2. Fix the paint splatters

And focus my energy on the things begging for my attention…

This little project has been a perfect excuse for me to ignore the elephant in the room….

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This is a quick template download….but I have bigger plans.

Jen, look for an e-mail from me…I have a favor coming up 😀

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So the Google ads are gone.

Three of the four ads on the banner were pornographic, when I specifically stated I would not host those kinds of ads. Also, is “lesbianity” a real word? Seriously, ya’ll it was bad.

I’m going to be playing around with the colors and all that jazz, cuz I want something a little more 3-dimensional and real looking – and will continue to declutter in my blog roll, bling, etc.

In other bloggy areas….

I had someone specifically query for my site from UC-Davis today….

I kept thinking, who do I know there that would be looking for me? I don’t know, but it’s kind of unsettling. I mean I know who most of my regulars are on statcounter, and most random googlers are looking for a topic, but not ME.

(Side note: I had someone with the ISP ID’d as The Denver Broncos reading fairly consistently a month or so ago – that was kinda cool, but alas, I haven’t seen them around lately)

Then again tonight, some one in Longmont (or at least in CO – Comcast ISP’s are screwy) Googled just for my site:

I *think* I know who this one is. I have two guesses: 1.) a former colleague whose e-mail announcing she would be graduating from law school I replied to today, or 2.) a certain local someone who crossed my mind today…and whom I miss frequently. It’s kind of wishful thinking for the latter, just to prove that connection we have, but no matter….
Again it’s just weird when it is not a “regular” but not someone who just stumbled onto me either….
So give a shout out, if you’re here again, will ya?

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Sorry ya’ll…

I just got a ton of anonymous spam. The irony is though, that I can’t read a lick of it because it’s in Asian characters.

Know your audience, spammers, duh.

For my commenters w/o a blogger account, you may still leave comments thru the open ID system.

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I use StatCounter, mainly to track my visitors so that I can know if BlogHer will be sending me a coffee habit check (seriously, with my traffic, I have netted an entire $28 since August). It also is entertaining to see what urls referred people to my site, i.e. what kind of crazy Google searches landed people here. Finally, I like having StatCounter, as I can see who’s visiting – even when they don’t comment – knowing where this reader and that hails from, and/or who their employer is (busted!) it’s fairly easy to deduce.

But, as StatCounter says:

…The uniqueness in this case is based on your visitors’ IP addresses. This method works very well for the majority, but yet again there is an exception. AOL users, and visitors who use what is known as a ‘dynamic web proxy’ that changes each time they access a webpage. So if a single AOL user visits 7 webpages on your website it will likely come up as 7 different IP addresses!

And I keep getting AOL visits that read a heck of a lot – which is making me feel stalked sorta, because I have not a clue as to who this person is. I mean, it’s just so many visits, and calculated searches for my blog that it feels weird. I am not going to censor myself – decided in January that I wouldn’t play that way – but still it makes me wonder who this person is, and why are my ramblings of such import to you?

Care to reveal yourself?

I promise, I’m not into the whole Puff/Puffy/Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy/Sean John thing, but I changed my profile name again.

I did it because of some recent confusion new readers had with my hamiam name and the name of the blog – so they align more closely now – and hopefully everyone knows it is me.

Also, in the Portland, OR area where I grew up, there was a children’s cartoon show on Saturday mornings called “Ramblin’ Rod,” so it’s a little throwback for me too. I like double entendres that way.

I'm a 30-something with a bend toward the spunky and unconventional. I like to accent big words and academics with slang and pop culture - makes me a little more well-rounded. My husband and I follow Christ and am training up my 3 precious kiddos to do the same. This means that I'm human and I fail - a LOT, but there is beauty in sharing that with others. Last, but not least, in case you haven't noticed, I'm prone to rambling. It may seem unrelated to you but the little "tangents" I go on are all interconnected in my mind!

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