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It’s Friday – thank you, dear Lord!

It’s been a long week, though a fairly productive one.

I’ve gotten myself to the gym a couple times (free membership almost over), but truthfully, I’ve been missing running in a natural setting.  That is to say that my “natural” is paved and suburban (stroller friendly, remember) versus the craziness of true trail runners.  Would that I could do that, but alas, my running time is limited to those times when I have the littlest one with me and, well, I ain’t gonna strap a pappoose on me and give my child shaken baby syndrome via running.  (Though in the sake of full disclosure, that probably wouldn’t happen anyway as my pace is none so rapid, lol).  All of this to say, I miss the cold[ish – as I cannot run well when the temp drops into the teens or below), I miss being able to listen to Slacker radio on my phone (the gym is a giant deadspot and I haven’t figured out how to cache my station), I miss being able to go somewhere rather than the ever-moving-but-never-going-anywhere of the treadmill, and most of all I miss the fresh air.  So, I will be kind of glad to be done there (I prepaid some childcare visits, hence the continuation!).

I’ve been trying to figure out just how involved I wish to become re: the turmoil of an organization I used to work with.  Some other concerned persons have contacted me and on the one hand, it needs to be addressed since the organization deals extensively with putting people’s lives back together; on the other hand, I’m not paid personnel and really have no authority anyway – so would it be a waste of time/energy?  This one has me praying for wisdom, discernment, and balance.

We have money coming soon via our tax refund and that will help us dig out of the hole.  I’m praying that we can get on the right track with it, give back to God, pay up on our debts and stand on fairly steady ground once again.  In the interim, I have gone into full-on penny-pinching mode.  I have made our bread this week instead of buying it at the store, and I made laundry detergent last night.  Per above- I have had a pretty productive week, and thus, I’m here – blogging!

We had some friends of the family who were in an awful accident almost 2 wks ago and have been following their progress and keeping them in our prayers.  The mother and two children were hit as they slid into oncoming traffic.  The son was killed and the daughter only recently came out of her coma.  Mom and Dad are physically ok, but are of course grieving the loss of their son.  It’s been wearying trying to put myself in their shoes and given me some perspective about how I’ve been dealing [or not] with my own personal struggles.

This reads kind of like a report – and I hate that, wishing instead that my writing was back up to snuff with my potential, that words like this would appear again:

… Alien contours of the Foothills, previously only attended to by me briefly in the due-south pavement pounding trip known as “going to Denver,” spread out right before me, dotted with remnants of snow, some wispy stratus clouds above and to the south, and a continuous wall of thick, white thunderheads that stretched on for miles to the north.

As dusk overcame the mountains, they took on the appearance of burnt camp-fire wood; the mountains dark and rugged, the spots of snow becoming gray-white ashes, with the amber glow of the sun dropping behind them – lending to the image of smoldering embers. The sky was the pristine blue of topaz, with the stratus clouds becoming opalescent; white with flecks of that palest blue, fiery pink, and molten orange showing through the translucencies. The thunderheads gleamed with whiteness.

I was so moved by it – and remember making a mental note to myself to re-capture this image with words – that I quickly breathed a prayer of thanks to my Maker, Maker of this sunset…

I’ll find that mojo again someday.  I’m praying that God will bless me with words again, and that He can work through my words – For now, the above is what “came” to me, so I figure I’ll write what I’ve got and eventually I’ll ease back into a flow.

Have a great weekend y’all!


So Lil Guy was born on 4/25, and the delivery was beautiful.

Fast, no tearing, no pain (thanks be to epidurals) and a euphoric high welcoming this little boy that we’d hoped and planned for so very much.

Nine days later, I woke up after having brought him to bed to nurse, and in so doing I had fallen asleep in a weird position. I had a pain in my shoulder akin to “pinching a nerve,” (Yes, chiropractors everywhere cringe when we say that because we usually have not truly pinched a nerve, rather have a subluxation that needs adjusted, but go with me here) and I attributed it to bad sleeping posture and the hormone known as relaxin, as I’d just given birth.

Later that night, we went to a music program the kids had at school and the pain got worse. Like OWIE-YOWIE!!! level.

At home, I called a friend from church who is a massage therapist and asked her to come work on me. Also, I’d spiked a fever of 101. I figured it was an inflammation response to the muscle/nerve issue I had going on.

For the following 6 days I had the pain/fever on and off. If I dosed up on ibuprofen the pain was held at bay and the fever was gone. So guess what I did?

Until Monday, May 11th. I woke in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. I hopped in the shower and took a shower so hot that when I went to turn the heat up more, I found I was already at the max. I called my chiropractor and set up an appointment to get in that morning. I also called upon my church to see if someone could take me to the appointment as I was hurting so badly I didn’t feel as if I could take Lil Guy in and out of the carseat.

Went to the chiro – pain, pain, pain. He was concerned about the fever and thought perhaps my gallbladder was going septic. But when he pushed on it there was no tenderness. He set up a few appointments for me as he didn’t think it would be resolved all that quickly.

Went home, still lots of pain. Called DSW (my BFF who also happens to be an RN) and asked her if she minded sitting with the baby and I because I was in so much pain. She came right over. I napped and got shallower and shallower with my breathing because now the shoulder pain had radiated out and was generalized chest pain. My temp went up, and so did DSW’s anxiety. She really wanted me to see an MD, not a chiro. She told me she worried that I had a blood clot in my lung, fluid build up, or something else. These all sounded way too dramatic for me and I tried to dismiss her.

Also, of note: Charlie Brown’s health insurance was to renew on May 1 at a horrible new premium rate ($900/month – like a second mortgage!) with higher deductibles ($3,000/person), and lowered coinsurance (60%/40%). We had opted out, with coverage ending on 4/30; however, we’d worked with a broker to get an individual health plan for the family and it would be effective 5/15.

DSW’s hubby bought dinner and brought it to our house. When Charlie Brown got home, DSW insisted that I go to urgent care. We talked about it and decided that urgent care w/o insurance was only like $25 more than urgent care w/insurance so Charlie Brown and DSW’s hubs stayed with the kids while DSW and I rode over to urgent care.

I had gone downhill pretty quickly in the meantime. Feverish, in acute pain, and just out of it. She wheelchaired me into urgent care and I somehow signed my name on the paperwork. Next thing I know DSW and the nurse checking me out are concerned, talking furiously over me, and then I’m told that I am going to be transported to the hospital via ambulance because I was not stable enough to go with someone else.

DSW called Charlie Brown and let him know what was up. DSW and her hubs took our oldest kids to their house and had them spend the night. Charlie Brown and Lil Guy came and met me in the ER.

The ER doc checking me out told me I had “junk in my lungs” and said he suspected I had pneumonia. At this point I argued with him saying that I’d had pneumonia 5 years ago and I wasn’t coughing crap up nor had I been SO lethargic like the time before so it couldn’t possibly be the same. I mean, just the day before my bro and I had gone to see Garrison Keillor in Boulder, and before that church and all the activities that kept us busy were all being done.

The chest x-ray proved me wrong. It showed some pneumonia in my right lung, but even more so, tons of fluid on the outside of my right lung.

That’s when the questions about the birth began:

“Did you have a C-section?” No.

“Did you vomit while laboring?” No….not this time – with LMNOB, yes.


Enter a new doc, the pulmonologist, who comes in and says we need to do a CT scan to determine if the fluid is just fluid or if it has started to solidify into “pockets,” because fluid could be dealt with via chest tube whereas the pockets might need surgery.

Also, IV team, because I am an incredibly hard stick. Even with an ultrasound guiding them it was difficult to get the IV[s] into me as needed. Lemme tell you how fun it is to have folks digging in your veins repeatedly…oh wait, it’s not fun. AT ALL.

It was here that we were told I had to pump and dump for 24 hours because the pharmacy consult said the jury was still out on the safety of nursing with contrast dye in the system. So Charlie Brown at one point left to go get my pump and formula for the baby.

Went and did the CT scan and it showed mostly fluid with a pocket or two, but the pulmonologist thought a chest tube would be sufficient. So they began to insert one in me. They shoot you up with lidocaine, like at the dentist, but I could still feel WAY MORE than I was able to tolerate, and I just cried, “Owie, owie, owie,” into the pillow until they were done. It was horrible and torturous. Immediately upon insertion of the tube, however, they drained a soda-pop worth of fluid off of my lungs, and it continued to drain still more over the next two days. As the fluid drained some of the pain decreased with the release of pressure.

The next morning (day 2), I had to go do a chest x-ray for the pulmonologist team to determine whether the chest tube was draining everything properly. This chest x-ray revealed that things were starting to gel up in the fluid, at this point called pleural effusions, and so the doctor ordered tPA to be injected into the chest tube. tPA works on human tissue in a manner comparable to how Liquid Plumr works on hair/grease clogs by eating away at the chunks. This caused a lot of pain as it only increased the pressure inside my chest cavity instead of decreasing it. After an hour, I could take no more and they began draining again – this time I could see chunks of stuff coming down the tube with the fluid. Yum.

My MIL and FIL came up to help with the kids and my mom was notified. As we approached the 24 hour pump and dump marker I was ready to nurse Lil Guy, who’d spent the night at home with Charlie Brown trying formula and failing, miserably. We put out an e-mail to our church and a shift rotation was created where people would stay in my room with me and the baby to help me nurse him and/or soothe him when he was awake and I needed to rest. This was vital as I couldn’t just up and get out of bed since I was hooked up to IV’s, the chest tube, and oxygen. This also allowed Charlie Brown the ability to go home and get some rest at night. MIL and FIL helped get the kids to school each morning and then came to the hospital to help with the baby and reprieve the church friends from their shifts.

Day 3 – Another chest x-ray first thing in the morning. Later, the pulmonologist came up to explain that the chest x-ray showed my condition was worsening. Despite the tPA the day before, the effusions were beginning to solidify into pus and tissue, a condition known as empyema. The only solution was to do surgery. The surgeon would come and talk to me at some point that day. In the mean-time I asked if nursing could still be feasible – the baby had done miserably on formula; he’d not eaten it well, it gave him terribly painful gas, and he had a raging diaper rash from it. Initially they said no.

My mom came up at hearing the news that I needed surgery.

Later a CNA came in to give me a sponge bath and asked how I was doing when I completely fell apart. I didn’t want to have to give up nursing my baby, I didn’t want to hurt him again, and wasn’t the stress of this environment enough? She got me calmed down and said that moms who have c-sections, also surgery she pointed out, nurse all the time and that she thought a lactation consult would help ease my mind. In the meantime I pumped to ensure enough milk would be available while I was under and in surgery.

The surgeon didn’t come until 8:00pm (making it an extremely long day). When he came he told me that the empyema was about the consistency of jello and they were going to make two small incisions and arthroscopically suck it all out. Surgery would be tomorrow at 7:00a.m. and recovery time would be 6-7 days.

Day 4 – Surgery. I remember the prep for the surgery, the anesthesia and everything until they put a mask on my face. I was scared. I’ve always had a phobia about being cut open. After that I am unclear. I do not recall coming to. I do know that when I was coherent they told me that the 1 hour surgery had turned into a 3 hour surgery because the “jello” had actually gotten even thicker, more like tissue and couldn’t be sucked out. Rather they had to open my chest cavity, spread my ribs and carve out all that gunk.

After surgery I had to cough a lot. The coughing was like white hot pain as it expelled blood clots and mucous deep within my lungs. The nurses told me to hit the pain med pump a few times to get ahead of the pain when I felt a clot cough coming on. This still didn’t do much for pain management.

A new chest tube had been inserted with 2 tubes inside my chest during the surgery to drain out fluid that was residual from the surgery. It was pink and bloody-ish.

Day 5 – this was the scary middle of the night fever spike that I mentioned in my last post.

The days began to blur into one another at this point. I know that on Day 7, we got to go outside for lunch at the hospital. On Day 8 (Monday the 18th) I got my chest tubes out – the first one came out easily enough but the second one hurt. So many cringeworthy, painful and scary moments.

They began talking about getting the PICC line in so I could go home and get IV antibiotics through it at home. But, as I told you before, that didn’t go so well – another traumatic episode – and I think because of all that digging, my temps/white blood cell count went up and they kept me a day longer than planned. Second attempt was made and was successful, not to mention prompt.

The cultures that they ran on the fluid, tissues, etc. showed that the bug that had caused all this damage was an anaerobic bacteria that typically resides in the human mouth. This is why they were asking if I’d vomited during the delivery, as perhaps I’d aspirated something and that’s how the mouth bug got into my lungs.

And finally, as I thought about it, I remembered the Wednesday night before I delivered Lil Guy, we’d eaten at Chili’s and I’d had contractions as well as had thrown up my dinner. Perhaps? I don’t remember choking on my vomit there, but who knows? The timing plays out per the surgeon. Sort of….he said typically the bug incubates for a week before symptoms – this would have been almost 2 wks before that initial shoulder pain. But it could have been that I was developing the pneumonia prior to the shoulder pain, as that was indicative of the fluid creating pressure.

All I know is that my lung could have collapsed had I not made it in when I did – DSW saved my life.

And scary as it was, God blessed us with the love and support of our church family, neighbors and immediate family. 11 nights of people working 4 four-hour shifts through the night to make sure I could keep breastfeeding him and get the rest that I desperately needed. Countless cards, prayers, and now financial assistance. Not only did we wrack up medical debt up to our eyeballs, but Seth wasn’t working much of the time that I was in the hospital – and that was unpaid leave – thus our regular bills are behind as well. I’ve been negotiating with our creditors (gone are the days of avoiding collection calls – going to face this situation head-on) and we’ve already received a sizeable donation from an anonymous donor at our church. Not to mention that they are coming to the house and doing chores, cooking, and caring for me and the baby as I am on weight lifting restrictions and still need plenty of sleep to fully recuperate.

So that’s the 411 on the physical info. The next few posts are likely to center on the faith and emotional aspects of this journey.

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Reading comprehension is an important skill in life, no?

I tend to think so, especially when one uses children’s books to be an effective parent. One can choose great stories rich with application and relevance to things going on in his/her child’s life, but if that child has no comprehension skills, said application and relevance are often missed.

A couple of weeks ago, I read a review of of Sourpuss and Sweetie Pie by Norman Juster that made me think, “Hmmmm…..sounds like a good one for the kids.” So I reserved it from our library and when it came in, whilst we were off school for snow last week, I took it home and read it with both Punkinhead and LMNOB. As I was hoping to make an impression with this book (since both kiddos are prone to weird, 0-60 in no time flat, baby-anticipating mood swings right now), I did what any teacher worth their salt would do to boost comprehension: I asked a lot of questions and stimulated a lot of discussion with the kids about just what the meaning of the parts of the story entailed.

Later that night, when Daddy got home, we continued driving the lesson home at the dinner table. LMNOB gleefully gave Daddy the plot synopsis with an interjection here or there from Punkinhead with a missing detail.

Charlie Brown eventually asked, with the intent of some soulful introspection from the kids, “Well, who do you know that can be a real Sourpuss at times then?”

LMNOB began pointing to herself and Punkinhead with a sheepish frown on her face, while Punkinhead, disappointed, said, “Jay Cutler.”

**ETA** Since writing this yesterday, the news broke a story about how the Bronco’s QB was indeed a sourpuss and deals to trade him are now being officially negotiated. I thought it highly ironic that I posted this yesterday and later that night this was the top story.

Comprehension, check.

Self-awareness and/or personal responsibility? Still working on that.

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Just trying to see if my facebook profile will show my blogposts automatically now.

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I saw this test over at Our Crooked Tree, and being the psychology nut I am, I had to do it. It pretty much sums me up.

Those stalkers out there might be going, “Hey, I thought you were an ESFJ?” and they’d be right, too. You see, I am so borderline on the Sensing/iNtuitive Perceiving/Judging categories that I flip flop between them often – depending on the mood/hormonal state I am in.

Without further ado, I bring you, Things You Never Quite Had Spelled Out About Heather, But Probably Had Assumed As Much (with commentary):

You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends. (Shock, huh?)

You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority and rules. (Didn’t I just basically say this the other day? Also, unimpressed with does not mean disrespectful of – I’m a good little rule following girl at heart, even if I don’t like ’em)

Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives. (I’m reminded of Charlie Brown saying I had BS Radar)

You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You’re quite the storyteller! (Surely this is true, lest you wouldn’t be here)

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart. (:batting my eyes: why yes, I do think this is accurate)

You often don’t follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. And you do break a lot of hearts. (I’m hoping that this means that while I’m totally true blue to my friends/family, see above, I do have a tendency to wonder “what if?” and play around – IN MY MIND & HARMLESSLY)

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do. (Generally speaking, yes. Sometimes I press that boundary between driven and workaholism)

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist. (Hee….MPA candidate experienced in non-profit and gov’t sectors who is going to be self-employed in the future, hmm, not too far off the mark eh?)

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding (I struggle with the second one from time to time, but mostly, this is a resounding yes)

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused (Totally on the first two, and ironically enough, given the whole driven thing, the latter sometimes is also true)

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I thought I would start posting these weekly, since they ring so true:

One of the great myths of the modern Western mind is that we are the owners of a stable self. We grow up learning to be someone, we spend our early adulthood doing our best to make that someone into a person we can live with, and then we spend the rest of our lives defending that someone against perceived attacks from both inside and outside the self. But the fact is we’re energy perceiving energy, and the self we work so hard to protect and maintain ends up being – for most of us – the biggest enemy of all. Trapped inside a limited and limiting conception of self, we ignore the vast potential available to us at any given moment to change our reality from hell into heaven. Stepping into heaven is only a matter of de-identifying with the controlling thoughts we mistake to be ourself, and Monday’s ultra-powerful New Moon in your sign is bringing you a unique opportunity to do just that. Who would you be and what would you be doing with your time and energy if you weren’t controlled by the voice in your head? Play around with this idea, because life is offering you a shot at freedom now that doesn’t come around every week.

Schnikes – I have been feeling this comin’ on, too….

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and tagged me…you know how a woman will often reach over behind you and tuck your clothing tag back into your shirt/dress/garment of some other variety, so as to spare you the embarrassment of having others know the natural:synthetic ratio of your threads?

Well, I think Piper just did the blogging parallel for me.

Hmm, I’m new to you (and I noticed that you haven’t posted anything since late Friday night…so here, lemme help you out) and thus…TAG you’re it.

So…here goes, Seven Random Things about me.

1.) Today I finished 90% of the government equivalent of “What I did over Summer Vacation,” i.e. the Annual Report, for our office. The Annual Report is really a giant PITA, because the mgr who requires it rarely provides The Boss with nearly enough prep time for me to meet the deadline. This year was no exception. It’s due tomorrow at noon (I was told to start working on it on the 25th) and I’ve been juggling a million other things, like getting our grant books to print on time.

2.) My AOL visitor mystery isn’t yet solved. My reader who delurked uses Verizon internet services, so there is still a person out there who has recently 1.) googled my full name, 2.)found the blog, and 3.)then gone through many (like a big freaking LOT) different posts of mine, specifically ones relating to my recent work frustrations, and 4.) has continued to seek out Ramblings of a RedHeaded StepChild via AOL search on a daily basis. I thought for a while that it might be a citizen looking for unprofessional conduct – but now I wonder if it might be a classmate – I stupidly noted that I blogged in our introductions, but didn’t share the url, because, I dunno…this isn’t a professional blog, you know?

3.) I’ve been losing the battle of the bulge for some time now…and if I don’t do something soon, I am going to go up ANOTHER pant size…and I really don’t want to, as it is 2 sizes bigger than I was 2 yrs ago, and 3 sizes bigger than I was 3 yrs ago. I hate weight issues, as legitimate concerns (I AM overweight, though not obese, and would do best to get in shape) tend to spiral out of control to obsession and binge-purge – seems like I am always teetering on either unhealthy end of the spectrum, and I would just like BALANCE.

4.) Charlie Brown and I are hitting DOUBLE DIGITS this year in the wedding commemoration venue. It’s been a hell of a carnival ride, with some of the lowest lows and highest highs I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’m pushing for a second honeymoon, since we never really got much of a first…

5.) But, I’m thinking these will do very nicely (Thanks Niki!) – and since we’re reacquainting ourselves with a great Song of Solomon series at church that we did 9 years ago, they have added meaning.

6.) My church is doing a ladies retreat this weekend, but I’m not going. I felt very out of place last time, the youngest mother there, and one of 2 WOHM’s. Speaker of big words, and just feeling like a different kinda gal. I do need a retreat – but am thinking more along these lines still. But for now, a Saturday night with Becky and Heather will have to do!

7.) I should be doing homework right now…but that’s not really random so much as it is routine, now, right?

Hmmmm…..Who to tag???

1 Princess in Galoshes

2 Niki

3 Heather

4 Lynne

5 Becky

6 Mama P

7 Liz

I guess tonight’s celestial view is going to be quite something.

Which is cool and all, but I really, seriously wonder if the screenwriters on strike helped Miami , Space Transit Planetarium director, Jack Horkheimer, come up with the witty song pieced throughout the article:

Mars is a red-tinged planet
With a very shiny glow
And if you look to see it
You will find the moon in tow.

All of the other Yuletides
Santa would have at his side
The shiny nose of Rudolph
Acting as his big sleigh’s guide

But this very Christmas Eve
Santa came to say:
“Rudolph, now with Mars so bright,
You can stay at home tonight.”

Then all the reindeer teased him.
And they shouted out with glee:
“Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
Outsourced to astronomy.”

Because, truly that last bit about outsourcing is remniscent of The Daily Show, rather than some off the cuff composition by a space geek.


As of 4:00 today, I had spent 20 of the previous 26 hours working on this paper.

As in, I started working on it at 2:00pm yesterday, went to bed at 2:30am, woke up at 9 (which felt like bliss, compared to the 5 hours I’ve been living on each night recently).

I just got into that “I’m on a roll” mode, (oh and not to mention, holy crap this sucker is due SOON and one of our trio is inexplicably AWOL mode)that means, yes, I probably am a workaholic. There are worse things, right? Besides, tonight, I totally spent quality sing-song time with LMNOB – balance, baby, balance. What is Hammy without a feeble attempt at rationalization?

Today, the drama escalated as AWOL partner jumped back in with, “I sure wish you’d commented on my draft earlier – now it looks like there is nothing I can do but accept your heaping pile of edits.” Ok, so I made the heaping pile up – but I do believe the word “extensive” got thrown out. Same diff, right?

Well, hon, lemme tell you – I would have, had you turned your draft in ON TIME WITH OUR PREVIOUSLY AGREED TO DEADLINE.

Buuuuuuuut since she didn’t until yesterday morning, while I was AT WORK – uhm, hello, so sorry Boss, I have to go read AWOL partner’s paper that just magically appeared in my inbox. I just didn’t get to it until last night.
But, suffice to say….it got worse.

And the professor got involved.

And I’m in the middle.

And now, I just don’t care if she rides our coattails and totally gets a rocking grade because of me and my other partner’s contributions. I am ok with her getting a grade she doesn’t deserve, that’s grace, right?

What if I am still really perturbed though, that she doesn’t get that if you write “blah, blah, blah, (name, year),” you HAVE to include a full bibliographic reference, more than (name, year) in the Bibliography section. Especially because I feel that it is just a little MUCH to have to hold your fellow GRADUATE student’s hand in that regard and give her a play by play of what you are asking for.

Is it still grace?

Albeit begrudgingly offered?

Whatever….I’ve got peace of mind that we are now on our 5th edit and it should be the keeper – all we need are the two references that AWOL partner has neglected to disseminate.

but alas! No. Time!!

Notes to self:

“:Sigh: Breathtaking,” story MUST be told…

Lots of work with fascinating details…

Thoughts about Fort Collins holiday lighting fiasco…

“Mommy’s not huge, but her butt is” story…for which LMNOB receives coal, lol…

and more, all floating thru my head – but i must needs get packed and get out of the schoolwork that is up to my elbows this weekend while we’re gone.

So…mayhap I will check in…and then, maybe not…

In the meantime, peeps, embrace the gratitude attitude of the holiday and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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