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I like to change things up.


I used to be a person who rearranged her furniture fairly frequently just to keep things “new;” however, the dimensions of the rooms in our home prevent me from doing this ever frequently.

So….I rearrange the next best thing VERY frequently:

My blog!

Why not, right?

In December I switched over to WordPress because of some features that looked attractive to me.

But truthfully, I didn’t blog nearly as often because I. Just. Couldn’t. Figure. It. Out!! Different nuances in text appearance, how to color up my blog with a template I loved, and other such things kept me from feeling completely at home there.

And I couldn’t have my Blogher ads on my blog here (am working on getting them reinstated – got motivated after just recently getting another check from them) either.

But most of all, after 4 years of blogging (aack!) I just love Blogger and am happy to be using their platform again – with one major change, though! I finally bought my own domain!

Bookmark it and come back to visit often!


Christopher is intent on keeping me fixed on him and him alone.

Usually his radar will awaken him from sleep the instant Seth tries to touch me, intimately or otherwise, at night.

Today it has been any time I try to sit down and sort my thoughts out – once while doing a Bible Study and now, when he’d just gotten down for a nap, I thought I’d take a stab at blogging, but the siren wails upstairs instead.


Some people are list-makers, claiming they love the feeling of accomplishment as they cross each “to-do” off.

I love accomplishment.  I love feeling like I’ve done something worthwhile, meaningful, and done them well, no less.

There’s the rub, though.  That last part – that part about doing something well – it often paralyzes my progress, and usually before any progress has actually been made.

So I might make a list, but when I review it I begin to think, “Oh wow, that is a lot – there’s no way it can all get done [perfectly] today.”  And instead of breaking it down into chunks that are achievable I just spin my wheels in overwhelm – going nowhere.  And with that thought the voice of Dr. Phil is cued: “So, uh, how’s that workin’ for ya?”

It’s not.  At.  All.

My list is so big right now:

  • Spend more time in Scripture/prayer
  • Fix the finances
  • Organize the house and keep it clean
  • Set some exercise goals and attain them
  • Spend more time writing

Among other things.

I’ve been focusing less on making the lists and more on just doing them.  And things are getting done.  Please bear with me as things adjust and I acclimate to a more purposeful, regimented routine.

Re: the post below that is password protected – if I haven’t already e-mailed you the password, and you are interested in reading it, please ask me.  There is some sensitive information in it and thus it is protected.

E-mail me at: to get the password.

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Yesterday I received a few compliments on my NMM post I put up.

My initial reaction was, “Oh, wow, thanks – but….” and I proceeded to negate those compliments with various thoughts:

– I’m not as coherent as I once was

– My vocabulary has dwindled such that it is an insulting caricature of what it used to be, and I’m only as “good” as I seem because I rely heavily upon a thesaurus

– My posts have been either really fluffy or all woe-is-me mommy-blogging and didn’t I used to be more interesting and, oh, happy, than that?

Et. Cet. Er. A.

You get the point, right?

It’s no different than when someone says, “Wow, your hair looks great, and so shiny!” and you proceed to tell them that really you haven’t. done. a. THING. to. it, and the luster they are seeing is caused by the 3 days you’ve had that haven’t seen a shower.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why can’t we just own a compliment and soak it up with grace and decorum?

I am especially prone to doing this, but I’m trying to work on it.  It may seem cheesey, a bit Stuart Smalley for my tastes, but I need to affirm the truths of life – that is to say those things spoken positively about me as well as reminders of God’s promises to me [and anyone else who follows Christ for that matter].

This re-wiring of the brain is sometimes called Flip Switch– ing, as coined by several New Age self-helpers, but really it’s just substituting positive things for negative – pretty simple if you ask me, yet so terribly hard to implement!

At risk of sounding pathetic, here goes:

I am a good writer – talented even if I am to listen to my English teachers and various professors over the years.

I’d love to do something big with my writing someday, too.  And that means I need to keep at it.  Keep in practice, keep thinking on things that make my wheels turn, and keep on dreaming.

(Alternate title: In Which I Realize I am NOT This Great Photographer/Mommyblogger, Nor This One, Nor This One Either.  Also, Not Her.)

(Alternate title II: Santa, I Can Haz Mad Camera Skillz?  Plz?!?)

I'm late to the party, I know. 

But the cards will be in the mail TOMORROW.

We HAD to take a family photo.

But, uhm, not a lot of disposable cash, so we went about it amateur style: by ourselves.

Our camera has a timer, so it wasn't impossible, but it was patience trying, for sure.


Whoah, Chris has three hands....

We can't just get "normal" smiles, we have to have the dreaded cheesey faces...

Wow, normal smiles, but oh no! Chris isn't looking....grrr....

Colton sez..."Are we done yet?"

We hardly ever get couple pics so I insisted!

Our card photo - as none of them were quite the "it" picture alone, but together they are great!

I’ve finally made the switch…

For years people have been telling me that WordPress is better than Blogger, and the recent reading of a friend’s password protected post at her wordpress site cinched the deal for me.  This is exactly what I’ve been looking for when I get myself in a to blog or not to blog quandary.

Also new – gone are the nicknames.  I’m Heather, married to Seth (aka Charlie Brown), and mom to Kelsey (LMNOB – meaning of said name still sticks, however), Colton (Punkinhead), and Christopher (Lil Guy).  Most of the people who read my blog anymore know all that, and for the few of you I don’t REALLY know – well, we are who we are, and anyway, I think every one of our names slipped on the old blog at some time or another anyway.

More to come.

Blogroll will be updated soon, too.

Porter is the newest furry baby at Casa del Meyer – we got him about this time last year when he was 8 wks old.

He is a grade A pain in the ass.

Right now his ass is causing my nose pain. He got into the cat’s food (again!) and has dog farts that rival any noxious stench I’ve ever come across.

(Update: the stupid bastard just got into it again when I went for a potty break – grrrrr…..)

He knows one speed – one that results in him slipping all over the linoleum downstairs and peeling the the rugs off the hardwood floors (despite anti-slip backing): I like to call it “Bat out of Hell” fast. It has often toppled over my children and even myself a time or two – even though the little guy is a mere 40lbs, read: not a big dog.

He is a bully to our sweet lab and first furry baby, Gracie. Gracie of course is a docile lover that is too passive to assert herself against him and such Porter terrorizes her, namely in the hopes that she’ll roughhouse with him, but he’s too rough. We try to break him of it, but so far these efforts have only affirmed for us that springer spaniels are in a word, retarded thick-headed.

I know he is still a pup (just over a year old), and despite all of his frustrating traits, he is a sweetie.

There’s a scene in Marley and Me (LOVED that movie btw….Charlie Brown and I both cried our eyes out multiple times – and for different characters) when Jennifer Aniston’s character miscarries and the “worst dog ever” loves on her in that sensing way that animals have when she is crying her heart out.

Porter does this too. Along with many other of the sweet things that Marley did for his family.

Like with my children, I need to make sure that he knows he is a valuable part of our family, not always in trouble, before he’s lying on the vet’s table drawing his last breath.

If only I didn’t feel like breathing his farts could be my last breath.

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This is how I know that this pregnancy has taken its toll on me, lol.

Today at least 5 different people have said to me:

"You look SO pretty today! Have you done something different?"

At first I said no and they guessed away:

"Color your hair?"

"Cut your hair?"

"It's that maternal glow thing, huh?"

When actually, I realized it.

"Nope, none of the above – I actually had the time/energy to put my makeup on today!"


I always knew that makeup took me from drab to fab, but today was outside corroboration to this fact.

Note to self: Must make more time for self-care! It will bode well for your self-esteem!

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