My in-laws, bless their hearts, are of a different political persuasion than I am.

Ok, that’s allowed, right? I certainly think so, even if I don’t really understand the other party’s POV/MO.

What I am SICK to DEATH of, though is the constant bombarding of my in-box for their politically charged BS forwards about my candidate.

Just once, I am waiting for an original, moreover, factually-based commentary of their own, not some insipidly anonymous rumor-mongering e-mail that clings to fear and uber right-wing talking points.

Hey, I was reading on or some other such credible source that your candidate was not totally on base in xyz claim – what are your thoughts on that?

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. However, being a planning kind of gal I’d best prepare an answer for such a question:

Wow! You mean I don’t have to go to snopes?

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