No dice on the job that was too-good-to-be-true.

I don’t know why – I didn’t ask why. I don’t really want to know why.

I just wonder what it was all supposed to mean – I mean, I wasn’t even looking for a different job; I love my job…mostly…there are times when I’m bored, and long for the community building parts of it that seem to have all but disappeared – the people part of it, because right now it feels monotonous and too paper worky. But I have a great Boss – quirky as all hell, but loveable and someone with whom I can swap “Tales from the White Trash Can,” as we have come to call them.

What is so frustrating is that it SEEMED like the ideal situation, it SEEMED like the lights were green all the way, and nowhere along the way did God hand me a roadsign telling me to U turn ASAP and just STAY PUT WHERE U ARE AT GIRL! Which is basically what I prayed for.

Naw….He made me conflict and contort my emotions such that I didn’t know what I wanted. Such the guy He is, making the woman do all the work, :smirk: I kid, I kid….

But after all that? I ran into the red light of rejection bay-bay. :insert screeching brakes sound here:

It’s dawned on me that I don’t necessarily need the additional time to be Super-Full-Time-Working-Part-Time-Grad-Schooling-Volunteering-
Involved-Parenting-Woman that this job might have given me (I say might, because after digesting the interview it sounds like they underestimated the time commitment for ALL that they are unloading onto this position), rather I need more of Him and less of me.

“I love you SO much, Daahr!”

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