Because what spunky red-head worth her salt can resist a dare?

And because several of my bloggies have been brave enough to do this – so must I then…

The Mission:
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Post a photo of yourself taken right now. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, grab a camera and snap. No retouching, just the rawness of a moment in time. Then post your photo on flickr or your blog/site, and share the link in comments here.
Ready? GO.

Taken at 12:30 pm Friday, just after sitting at the kitchen table with lappy – to do school work.

But then I got a call from some attorney in California, asking for Charlie Brown or Heather Meyer – told him that he had the H factor of that equation, and then he goes all, “I need to talk to your father in law about a legal matter.”

“Uh, well he’s never lived here – he lives over on the other side of the mountains from here.”

“Oh, uh, I think I may have the wrong Meyer’s then. Your father-in-law isn’t Robert Meyer is it?”


So yeah…schoolwork. That sounds fun, but let me just check out Becky first….

And here we are.

I have make-up on, but only because I thought I was going to the office today – but LMNOB is hacking worse than Thelma and Selma, so, home we are.

My hairs in the front are all askew b/c I just got done sweeping/mopping the downstairs.

And do I look tired? Because I am. It’s Friday though, yay!

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