Despite being thousands of miles away, many of my fave bloggers are on the same schedule it would seem….

So, without further ado, I share with you a great e-mail that my MIL just shared with me:

The Hormone Guide

Women will understand this! Men should memorize it!

Every woman knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his hands! This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver’s license in the wallet of every Man, husband, boyfriend, co-worker, significant other, just all men in general!

13 Things PMS Stands For:

  • Pass My Shotgun
  • Psychotic Mood Shift
  • Perpetual Munching Spree
  • Puffy Mid-Section
  • People Make me Sick
  • Provide Me with Sweets
  • Pardon My Sobbing
  • Pimples May Surface
  • Pass My Sweat pants
  • Pissy Mood Syndrome
  • Plainly; Men Suck
  • Pack My Stuff
  • Potential Murder Suspect

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