For one of the first times in my life.

Several days in a row, people have taken note of my “fashionable ensem’s” and “rockin’ hair” which just makes me swoon, because I am so in need of external validation these days. Even if it is shallow and based on my appearance. I’ll take it!

And if that weren’t enough, I have been ranked 10th out of the Women community at Cre8Buzz for TWO THREE DAYS STRAIGHT! I haven’t quite figured that one out yet as I am not a great Buzzer – heck I haven’t been a good bloggy lately, lurking but not really commenting that much – AND my hits have been low lately, but I’ll take it.


Cyndy gave me this recently:


Yeah, took me long enough, I know, see above!

This was really sweet, Cyndy, given my recent Eeyore-like writings. (BTW everyone, guess who began her visit yesterday? Yeah. So let’s see the PMS thing is turning very PMDD over recent months. Yes I will be talking to the doc soon)

So…now I gotta pay it forward to 10 other bloggers….

*Becky* – where else can I read about a darling little boy who declares that calcium is his 6th favorite word? And, I get your dysfunctions, hon, cuz I got ’em myself!

Jen – babe, you get the award for aesthetics alone (and not just for your cute scrappy stuff, but for your adorable smiling face too! Gorgeous, doll!), but then you go and one-up that blog with your sassy little ‘tude, K-lish and well, I’m in love.

Princess in Galoshes – I swear we must be long lost fraternal twin sisters. She got the long end of the pretty stick, though. The princess curses more than I do, but it’s ok because it is freakin’ hilarious.

(sensing a pattern? I likes me some sassy humor)

Liz – Girl is smart, and pursuing a psych degree. Why wouldn’t I like her?

Heather – Girl you are like the energizer bunny…at least that’s what reading you does for me. Picks me up, makes my day. Even if I don’t always comment.

Piper – Another long-lost twin out there….Piper needs to come home to the Fort and be my neighbor! 😉

Huckdoll – She talks like she’s all bad and has reason to too, but she’s got heart thru and thru. I love that. Plus she’s in the Pacific NW, albeit on the Canadian angle. And that part of the country has my heart.

Brillig – Super smart, tons o’ fun and just plain relatable for me.

Lynne – Though not a frequent flier when it comes to posting on the blogosphere, every last post is so good 🙂 Plus, she’s one of my girls.

And Andrea….Andrea is hilariously zany….has made me spit out so many liquids while reading that I now refrain from eating/drinking near her blog.

So, there, I’ve shared the love. Pass it on, ya’ll

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