I am in disbelief…

I got a call today from the ED for United Way [of Larimer County] and he told me that basically he’d volunteered “my expertise,” to the people working on this HUGE economic development project in town. HUGE!

First, I had to laugh – “expertise?” That I’ve magically accumulated in all of my 6 years in the worforce – I mean really?

Yeah, he meant really.

See, the hub of this re-development project is the Poudre River corridor, an area which is populated with the camps of many of our chronic homeless. My job will be to advise the committees of this project about:

1.) homelessness in Fort Collins – both chronic and transitional
2.) how different industries (i.e. retail/service) perpetuate the problem with non-living wages
3.) how aspects of the project will affect the homeless, either positively or negatively

The woman he directed me to, for purposes of working together, noted that Fort Collins may be implementing a program very similar to Denver’s Road Home project, a project that I have watched and admired from afar for about 2 years now, but have felt that was impossible, due to the discrepancy in resources that non-urban areas receive for these issues. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the seed money for such a program could be available!

Huge exposure opportunity for me. Huge opportunity to effect change and truly help those in need!

Good thing I rediscovered my mojo, eh?