So I’m home with a sick LMNOB today, right? (Sadly, my poor baby has been vomiting on the 1/2 hour, every hour since 6:00am – with the exception of two brief naps she has taken) So what better to do than send some e-mails for work – including a media release (read: cry for volunteers) for the inclement weather shelter, catch up on blogs, and actually take the time to read what’s shakin’ with the CD4 race?

As I prodded the to open, by hitting refresh several times, the page finally and slowly came to life. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a headline that had me thinking, “NO Way!” Upon following the link, though, it was true – Angie Paccione has dropped out of the race!
In the political arena, one very well could speculate and say mean, sour grape-ish things about the real whys behind Angie dropping out, those that are beyond what Angie’s already told the public – that she is pursuing a private, business endeavor – but that’s not my style.

Nor is it Betsy Markey’s way – in an e-mail I received from her campaign manager today it said succinctly, “We wish Angie the best in her future endeavors.*” And that is one of the many reasons I sparkly-pink-puffy-heart Betsy – because she is classy, and genuinely committed to running a clean race. Her integrity alone wins her more points in my book than any other politician (elected or just trying) that I follow.

But that’s not all. Oh, and now I’m getting around to explaining my title. Yes, I did mean to say paint the district “clear.” Not Red, not Blue – but Clear. And just what the hell do you mean by that, Hammy? What I mean is that Betsy doesn’t have a partisan agenda. She’s not committed to being the best Democratic representative. Betsy Markey is committed to being the best representative for our people, period. Betsy knows the constituents of CD4 – heck she’s been one of them for years! She knows their needs as small business owners, parents, farmers, etc., and will represent them in a fashion that will allow their natural, varying colors (red, blue and every purple imaginable) shine through – thus, Betsy will be a CLEAR topcoat for CD4’s people.

And then, we can be rid of the oppressive red that Musgrave fancies. Marilyn, having a coat of red in the House was so last decade. Buh-bye.

*edited to add: Betsy has since released an official statement on Angie dropping out of the race. Go take a look for yourself and see the honorable, positive, and respectful stance that Betsy has taken . She’s our best political bet, I’m tellin’ ya!