So peeps, check this out…these people I know, they are smoking crack.

Today, I got called a “rockstar,” (yeah, I know, what were they thinking?) by two different people for two different things.

The first was from an online mama I’ve known since we had our first babes in 2001, and it was in reference to the new ‘do.

The second one cracked me up. LMNOB and I were with BT the OT for our session, and BT the OT was piling up the potential activities we could add to LMNOB’s sensory diet, when she chuckled, saying, “Not like you don’t have anything else to do.” I told her that I knew, adding that I’m frequently overheard, though by whom I am not quite sure, to be saying, “You are more than welcome to help me out any time.” I added, “That is more directed to the hubs than to the daughter, but ya know…” and BT the OT cracked up, telling me, “You are such a rockstar like that – I love it!”

It can only mean one thing – I am a smoking hot babe with a kicka$$ sense of humor. I knew it all along.