As in gone all Britney Spears.


I hacked my hair off this weekend – or rather, some chica at Cost Cutters (:gasp: I know, I’m sooooo sorry J!) in a spur of the moment whim after the kids got trimmed. It was past my shoulders – it is now slightly shorter than chin length in a page boy/bob-ish cut.

Along with the haircut – I am feeling like reality has left the building. Yeah, Hammy is feeling a mite crazy again, like the walls are closing in on her.

And this time, I can’t tell if it is due to insane levels of situational stress or if it is my chemical romance.

I did have a revelation today – though. I recalled a woman from a residential treatment center for really disturbed youth saying that these kids she treats have been so pyschologically traumatized that they operate in fight or flight (primitive brain stem) all the time. Ya know… I wonder if perhaps that fits me? I have to have stress/drama in my life – as much as I don’t want it – to really function – sad, eh?

Charlie Brown behaved tonight, but I feel like the elephant in the room just gets bigger, even when we’re trying to get rid of it.