I’m angry.

Angry at LMNOB’s school administrators.

They are a charter, in its first year of operations. And, they are not governed by the district board. Instead it is run by a bunch of clueless, non-communicative, and nepotistic hotheads.

They, in essence, fired Ms. S. And three other teachers. While retaining a certain one teacher who is related to the administrator, despite the fact that numerous complaints have been launched about her, and she is grossly inqualified.

I know something is rotten in the state of denmark when Ms. S – the world’s bestest kindergarten teacher of my firstborn child I could have ever hoped for, the teacher who took the remedial kids in my reading group from being so far behind their peers to right.there.with.them in reading this year, the teacher who listened, intently, to my every rambling about LMNOB, and on and on…has been let go, and then is so unjustly treated that she is CRYING this morning because of THEM.

Add to it, that these crapsters won’t return my call. Instead, they send a chicken $H!t e-mail out under the guise of “Ask the Administrator” and all rumor-control-ish to the parents. Sorry but the crap has already hit the fan – can’t exactly squeeze the truth toothpaste back in the tube and pretend that the real truth is what they’re making it to be. Good grief – how dumb do they take us for??? I mean really?!?

LMNOB will be going elsewhere next year, that is for certain. Just where that is, is up in the air.

Father, please heal the wounds this brood of vipers have caused to these teachers. Father, please provide for them in this financial upset. Father, let the parents show how much they appreciate the love and care these teachers have put into our children this year. Father, help us find the right placement for LMNOB – a school that is well-run and able to help her successfully manage her SID issues, with teachers who will love her.

In Christ’s name,