Ya’ll, I know nothing “official” about html, but by George, I’ve gotten rid of the pesky double title…

As a tradeoff, I had to return to the original hue of this template, which isn’t my fave by a long shot – but by George (I don’t know who George is, but ’tis fun to say), the double vision is corrected.

It’s a little ray of sunshine in my craptastic day, carried over from last night. I can’t elaborate, but suffice to say that I wish I could turn my brain off.

Well…I should say one of the little rays of sunshine in a crappy day, because I got LMNOB’s kindergarten portfolio since I volunteered today, and ITISSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCUTE!!
And, it validated that I’m doing something right, for I found a writing assignment she’d done that said (and, note the comma usage, it must have been the concept of the day):

Dear Mommy,
Even when I’m bad,
push people,
or don’t listen,
you still love me!!

Yes, sweetie, I do, and always will. No. Matter. What. I’m glad you get that.