So………I wrote a ton of scholarship essays this spring.

The big’uns, from my school and the Government Finance Officers Association, responded with something to the tune of,

Dear Ms. Meyer:
You’re great.
But not that great.
Sorry, better luck next time.
The Rejectors

Which was ok. I mean, it’s not like I had something and their rejection took it away from me. Nah, I came out of it with as much as I had going into it: Absolutely Nothing! (save for a buttload of student loans)

I still hadn’t heard back from one source – but didn’t really plan on hearing from them. It’s a memorial fund and two of the benefactors attend my church, so any students from my church and some in the Denver area are eligible to apply. In filling out the application, it was very catered to a high-schooler who was going away to university for the first time – high school GPA, activities, and the like. I communicated with them and got the A-ok to proceed and make my case clearly. But I didn’t feel like I’d done it very well – it didn’t feel “official” enough.

Tonight I opened the mail, and saw a letter from the committee. I braced myself for another, “You didn’t really fit our mold, but everyone who applied was a winner in their own right,” kind of let down. Opened the letter, unfolded the trifold, and saw: “Congratulations!” straight away. Read further, and the amount (I’d forgotten) is for $3,000!

Between this scholarship and next year’s tuition reimbursement from work, I will have virtually no loan debt for Fall07-Spring08, and that is a tremendous blessing.