Geesh…we live in a sick, hurting, and horribly fallen world.

Just as I was reading about the very-to-the-nth-degree sick behavior the Virginia Tech shooter (I refuse to give him “credit” of any sort and will not use his name here, infamously or otherwise) demonstrated, and marveling in horror at the predictability we now see in HINDSIGHT…

This notice came to The Boss’s in-box. While she read it, my own words haunted me:

And think about how it could be our town, since we are a college town

And it just makes me cringe at the priorities of our country….

We don’t fund mental health care that could help these EVERY DAY domestic terrorists, these men have established patterns of domestic violence, and just LOOK at the numbers this flavor of terrorism produces-

We don’t have enough resources to fund preventive programs for young men who need positive role models – that could make a difference-

But we’ll fund a war to fight religious terrorists? Because they kill in higher volume? Because their impact is immediate, versus a gradual culmination of lives lost?

Honestly, what makes this war more important than facing the societal ills within our own country, which are of as much or greater danger to Americans, in doing the numbers – isn’t that a great big elephant in the room?

I’m not anti-war to the extent that some might be, but hear me out.

MILLIONS of women, children, and the perpetrators themselves lose their lives to domestic violence related events each year. And they are our own. Killed by our own.

I am rambling.

I do not know the answers to the questions which I am asking.

I do know that the decision of “which is of greater importance” is much grayer than I’ve presented here.

But still, knowing that it’s not easy to know, doesn’t make it any easier to not know.