That is LMNOB, who is quite into her flowers stage right now:

She drew some more dahlia looking flowers on a white board while we did the parent teacher conference – which was excellent. That is to say, that while Ms. S doesn’t see the issues we’re having at home – b/c LMNOB is a very introverted, but high performing student, so no problem, right? kind of kid for her – she is supportive and open to keeping an eye out. She gets it. We are so blessed to have her for LMNOB’s kindy teacher.

The pediatrician visit was not as bad as I thought it would be – though, truthfully, I kind of don’t see why I have to pay who knows how many $ for that visit…it basically gave me what I already knew, though it did provide me with validation that yeah, she should have grown out of this scale of tantrums by now and that’s off behavior, but that Dr. S (same S as the teacher, too, no relation, but it helps me remember!) didn’t have any medical/psychiatric concerns.

So, major developmental stuff was pretty much ruled out…now we go on to finding a therapist and seeing what they have to say. The Dr. S acknowledged some plausibility of SID, but said that therapists do the diagnostics for that, not him, which I figured.

Murphy’s Lesser Known Law of “just as you go getting other people involved in a problem it wil all but disappear and make you look like the crazy one,” seems to be in application the past two days, but I keep telling myself, this isn’t the first time, this isn’t brand new, this has been a nagging pattern, so proceed checking it out. Charlie Brown is with me on that, too. Thank God.