I have decided………..

That a 3 1/2 hour temper tantrum, courtesy of one LMNOB, spanning several topics of self-interest, varying in location, mostly stuck in “freaking intense” mode, is the closest I’ve come to believing in modern day demon possession.

Or, really, considering the possibility of a severe mood disorder, like bipolar disorder.

She simply cannot be reasoned with, loved out of it, scolded, distracted, nor spanked out of this state. It’s like her brain goes catatonic and her body goes on autopilot, that is if autopilot means “spew venom and nonsense tied in a big ball of hatred, while I go ape$#!t here.” There is no telling how long it will last, but one thing is for sure: the only certain consistency with this pattern is that it only reaches resolution by running its course, no intervention has been known to be effective.

Tonight’s edition is coinciding with my menstrual cycle – oh, hell to the no! It’s bad enough that I feel like crap and then get bammied with this, but my poor Charlie Brown, poor, poor guy, (LOVE him!) he just can’t handle it between the two of us. Tonight, in the car as we passed the first hour of the fit, and I said with a raised eyebrow – “She’s been a pistol all week, and guess where I’m at in my calendar?” he asked Punkinhead, “Hey buddy, you wanna start backpacking once a month, for about a week at a time?”

In the meantime, I am in a menstrual hell specifically for mothers; crampy, bloated on top of carrying an excess 20 lbs, pissy, and worried that something is seriously wrong with my darlin. She’s fine now….but goooood laaaaauuuuudy…………..