Geeze, talk about a psycho case.

Last week, I kept feeling this fluttery feeling that is identical to a baby kicking. Yeah, that’s right, that indescribable feeling that only a mother would recognize.

It wigged me out, and despite the fact that I’ve had periods the past four months, despite the fact that I have an IUD, and despite the fact that sex has been rare at our house these days, I still felt compelled enough to seek the answer of an HPT.


Meanwhile the fluttering has continued. And gotten strong enough for another person to feel it – that’d be Charlie Brown.

Friday night, we were fooling around and it started. Down near my left uterine area, which is always where I felt the other two. I hadn’t told him about all of this, but said, “Hey, put your hand right here for a few minutes and tell me if you feel anything.” I felt a few movements and prompted whether he felt anything, to which he sarcastically said, “No, Heather, I didn’t feel your baby kick.”

I gave him a look, and told him to just wait, and bear with me. Then there was a big one and he goes, “Holy God, what was that?” I said, “I have no clue but they are getting so hard and frequent I had to have a third party verify so that I wouldn’t keep thinking I’m nuts.”

We talked about it around and around and around. Could I be? How? It’d be a statistician’s miracle. But, my periods have been weird lately, albeit totally and completely happening and in cyclic form, and I have been gaining weight like no one’s business lately. If everything menstrual holds in this pattern, I will start again next weekend. He did the nipple check, lol, and said, “I don’t know, Heather, they’re awfully big.” wink wink.

We ended up calling a friend of mine who just became a nurse, mainly for an alternative explanation, because we simply could not believe the plausibility before us. She was awfully, “I don’t know….” and telling me to schedule a check with the doc, but said it could also be like when you get a tic in your thigh muscle, which is due to irregularities in the blood flow.

I clung to that all through yesterday while there was no fluttering.

But then last night, it started again. And as I realized it’s been a constant thing for a week now, my resolve to cling to the tic theory flew out the window.

So after church today I bought more HPTs.

Negative again.

It’s ok, I’m just officially crazy now, right?

Then I took a nap this afternoon, and awoke to the rapid punching in what feels to be (if memory serves) my womb-ish area. I can feel it externally.

What the hell is this???????? The second coming of Christ? (I’m being totally facetious with that and do not mean to offend anyone)


Let the rumors begin.