This morning was not unlike many others.

Kids didn’t want to get out of bed, which resulted in the ever-frustrating power struggle we experience every weekday.

I had a caffeine headache, indicative of my growing dependency on java. Perhaps Betty Ford’s people need to start talking to Starbucks’ people?

I recounted a discussion Charlie Brown and I had had about spending last night, particularly motorcycle spending, with a frown.

All this to say that it was an entirely ordinary day for me, and not exactly filled with positivity.

But, I’ve gotta tell ya, I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful today – no “reason,” just a totally random feeling of awareness and the gratitudes that come with it.

Such as,

The skies are blue with nary a cloud to be seen today, sun shining brightly, and the Rocky Mountain peaks looked especially stunning this morning on the drive in to work. I thought to myself, “What a privilege to live in the midst of such wonderful beauty.”

Which put a smile on my face. And then there was a chain reaction.

Like my work – I don’t know many people who enjoy their jobs as much as I do mine. For a lot of people work is just an obligation to pay the bills. For me, the income is second to the fact that this is what I want to do. And how lucky I am to be in that situation is not a fact I lose sight of.

Or how blessed I was by the intimate discussions we had at our life group on Sunday evening – and how, as oddball of a group we are, it is a good group, and Charlie Brown and I are really excited at the potential our little “Island of the Misfit Toys” life group has. We’ve got some serious heart, ya’ll!

Then, as I walked into work this morning, the bulbs are poking through, little sprouts of green. The promise of spring and all of its wondrous growth is around the corner! In more ways than one…..

And I am excited.

Thank you, Father, for all of the blessings flowing from your hand. Help me to pay it forward.