Partly from the overly large container of a caffeinated beverage this morn.


Mostly because of this:

University of Colorado at Denver and

Health Sciences Center
Graduate School of Public Affairs
1380 Lawrence Street, Ste. 500
Campus Box 142, P.O.Box 173364
Denver, Colorado 80217-3364
Office: (303)556-5970
Fax: (303) 556-5971

October 27, 2006

Dear Ms.Meyer:

Congratulations! We have reviewed your application and would like to accept you into the MPA program at the Graduate School of Public Affairs. You will soon receive information from the Office of Admissions and Records concerning your acceptance and the procedures for registration this coming semester. Meanwhile, we encourage you to look at the Academic Calendar, Payment Deadlines, and Course Search and Schedule Planner under the Registrar’s Office on the CU-Denver home page, These areas will help you select your courses, plan your schedule, and identify important deadlines.

The admissions committee made these decisions based on your previous educational and work experience:

Due to your work experience, the internship has been waived.

Peter deLeon has been assigned to be your academic advisor.
You should contact him at (303) 556-5978 or to discuss the courses you will take next semester and to develop a degree plan. The degree plan is a document that projects the courses you will take toward graduation. MPA degree plans are available online at I encourage you to look at the degree plan and consider your needs to prepare for your meeting with Dr. deLeon. You may want to examine the courses we will be offering in the coming semester or in the future. These can be found under “Courses” on our web site at

The entire faculty and staff welcome you to the program and offer best wishes for your success.



January is so not far away!