I’m in Denver – day 2 of a 3 day trip.

Charlie Brown has been sick, but the kids had the same QUICK virus, so we didn’t really think anything of it. As I got up to leave yesterday morning, he begged me to help him locate the family doc’s number. Oh yeah, last time he saw her? 4 years ago when he thought he’d broken a bone the week before he went in. Uh, yea-ah, he is a silly man. This time, it was finances that kept him away so long, in addition to his testosterone induced aversion of doctors.

He We got the kids Punkinhead ready – LMNOB was an angel and readied herself.

I left – having to stop by the office so I could print my Mapquest directions – as our printer has quite apparently decided it hates me now. Stop in the office in the wee hours of the morn, print my directions. Leave.

Oh wait – that’s right, I locked my keys in my office. And. NObody. is. there! Crappy frappucino, Batman. I had to be in Denver in 60 minutes in rush hour traffic and drizzly grey weather. Begin 70’s music – Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Freak Out!

I heard someone and rushed downstairs to find the Assistant City Mgr coming in early – hard worker that she is – and I holler out to her, “Can you please help me?” She rushed over and I explained the situation. She let me in my office and there were the keys on my desk. It’s too freakin’ early for this. Leave. Again. Severely uncaffeinated.

Go to the class – which is directly related to the moaning and gnashing of teeth incident this spring, i.e. this is the HR-preferred follow-up. Can I just say this? I am a pretty good communicator, though human and sometimes foul up. Yes, I believe there is always room for improvement and classes to help refresh and further hone existing skills – but this class is seriously remedial when it comes to communication! I’m being open and trying to keep my zen on, taking what I can, reminding myself of tools I am aware of, etc., but the people in my class, with a few exceptions, are communication delayed and somewhat socially inept – like sitcom material for sure. And actually, I know just the person from my organization who should be here. This will be an inside joke between the Boss and I – Merry Blue Skirt desperately needs this class!! But, I’ll play the eternal optimist here and admi that it has been nice to get a break.

During our first break, I checked my e-mail – cuz I’m a hopeless addict – and my brother had e-mailed me a curt one-liner re: child care for LMNOB while I’m gone. This rehashed an old incident which I (and thus that account is, in my opinion, VERY skewed) did not blog about (because I would have metaphorically and linguistically murdered them here at the time – and all that would have done would prolong the healing process), ***Edited to add: I stand corrected – I did blog about this – however I would like to point out it was primarily me frustrated with MY response in this context – surely that’s allowable eh? but let’s just say it involves a boiling of blood on a very primal, instinctive level, bad blood between siblings, but moreover, the emotional welfare of my children – which perhaps given my background, I go a tad overboard on, but know what? That ain’t gonna change til my kids tell me to back off….and probably not as much as they’d like then!

I thought this issue was a dead horse, but in one brief line, that horse was winning the damned derby. Suffice it to say that my return to the class was then used as an example of how and when bad communication can occur- because, I was Pi$$ed.

So, Niki and I got to meet up yesterday after class – and her family is SO cute!! Oh, and she is too, btw 😉 Picture from this morning soon to be posted later.

Right about here, I called to check on Charlie Brown. He sounded HORRIBLE. He told me our doctor said he had the “absolute worst” case of tonsillitis AND strep she’d EVER seen. My heart broke. Baby, I want to take care of you but can’t right now. UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! He told me not to worry. I told him to call some church family to see if they would take care of him. He’s on codeine for the pain, steroids to kill the inflammation/swelling, and an industrial strength antibiotic to kill the strep. He’d be fine. No he wouldn’t, he’s a man and he needs help wrangling two small children while he freaking needs to rest! So, I sent out an urgent e-mail to our church’s list-serve explaining the scene. I gotta help somehow, right? :o{

Back at Niki’s: She and I went to Il Vicino’s – this hip pizza place in LoDo. We talked. And talked. We returned to her cute little home, where we continued to talk. And talked more – until 12:36AM!! 6:30am came MUCH too soon this morning! I dunno if the feeling’s mutual – but today, I’m feeling like I hogged some of the talking time – if so, Niki, sorry and you get compensation whence we next meet. 😉

Favorite line – Niki to me re: our childhoods: We did get separated at birth, didn’t we?

Favorite moment – being totally welcomed at a complete stranger’s baptism. Welcome to the family, dear new sister 🙂

Niki was a gracious hostess, and a total soul connection – note I did not say “mate,” Niki! Girl – we are so getting together again! Her husband, Benny, has some mad skills tearing phone books and all that strong man stuff. I stand amazed at that, but moreso at the heart this man has and at his leadership of this dear family.

Princess Zoe and my Li’l Miss… will love each other when we get them together. And I said countless times that li’l Pete reminded me of Punkinhead. Looks like Max might be the odd man out, but he’ll have fun when we get together again. Maybe we’ll send him off with Benny and Charlie Brown if we do it thataway?

Tonight, I’m shopping with my MIL at the outlet mall in Castle Rock. Then I get to come back tomorrow. Then go to a meeting in Loveland – where another person the Boss and I deal with who could have stood to take this class will be.

And finally…..finally on Thursday night I will be reunited with my family. And I can nurse my sweet Babu and love him and pet him and hug him….and call him George er, Charlie Brown.