In other words….I’m a blog-a-holic, and just can’t quit reading the thoughts of others.

Particularly when they interest me so profoundly!

There are the mommy-logues I read from mothers who write so damn well, like Chris, who candidly shares her perspectives/experiences from motherhood, ranging from the endless supply of groaners our kids give us, to who am I posts like this.

Then there are the bloggers I’ve known for awhile like L, Purple Kangaroo, and Heather. Or, my siblings – in which their blogs might be the only current insights I have of their lives.

And, then, the group I read so much of – the preacher guys!

Take my man Stoned-Campbell Disciple. His recent post is about the thoughts of many that the God of the OT and the God of the NT differ so vastly….and how he disagrees with that. I have to say that I agree with him. all. the. way.

Then, there’s Mike Cope and his inquiry, “Does God Want You to be Rich?” Good thoughts there, and moreover, some REALLY interesting comments. Of course, they kinda pale in comparison to the STRONG sentiments aroused (pun absolutely intended, lol ) by all the Joe Beam-inspired sex talk.

Finally, there’s Larry James, my new hero among the rest of us mere mortals. His post today about relief versus renewal with respect to social welfare issues leave me at a standing ovation up here in Colorado.

Here’s a taste (emphasis mine):

The problem is, we often stall out at relief. We find it harder, sometimes impossible to take the next step or to move over into a new area of work when it comes to bringing long-term renewal to people who live in poverty….

Whereas, relief work can be exciting, straightforward, conveniently packaged and easily quantified (as in, “How many meals did we serve today, Fred?”), the work of renewal can be messy, hard, depressing, halting and not so easily measured as to effectiveness.

(Larry, I’ll have you know, I e-mailed that post to several of my NPO friends ’round here.)

So really….how is a girl to get much done when there is so much GOOOOOD fodder to ponder???