I decided a while back to record these things, lest I forget them later.

Punkinhead has entered into “Weave me ‘wone” territory. I can’t really help but laugh – his indignance is so CUTE!

His other oft-repeated phrase these days is “I don’t WIKE you! You’we WUDE!!” This is always following someone correcting him and informing him, no he can’t do this or that. And he’s mad about his lack of control, so it just rolls off my shoulders. My response? “Well I’m sorry you don’t like me, cuz I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE you!” said with a smile and grin as he proceeds to get angrier at the failure to push my buttons. Two can play, son, two can play.

My baby is turning 3 on Sunday! We’re officially out of babyhood, and it’s bittersweet.

I forgot – see I told you I had to record these things – that LMNOB used to call soda/pop/coke (whatever your fancy is – I’m a “soda” girl myself) “hot juice” when she was little. It always tickled my fancy 😉