Have you seen Jesus, my Lord?
He’s here in plain view.
Take a look, open your eyes;
He’ll show it to you.

This lovely hymn that we rarely sing at our church anymore came to mind this morning. There’s so much truth to the fact that one need just look around and God reveals Himself to us in many, many ways.

God blessed me with children who, after significantly less struggle than a “normal” workday, acquieced and dressed themselves fairly quickly. All week long, mornings have been a battle, and today, it was as if the Lord Himself was saying, “You’ve earned it, my daughter, here’s an *easy* day.”

Instead of our usual prayer in the car, we sang a few praise songs – Our God is an Awesome God, and Blue Skies and Rainbows (LMNOB’s signature song).

I stopped in the Safeway near work to grab a salad and apple for lunch. There’s something different in the city I work for than there is in the city I live in, even though to most folks they’re one and the same. The produce guy was very friendly and in a great mood. He made me smile. Grabbed a couple cards – one of my church sisters has a b’day today and we are watching her girls while she goes out with her parents. Her hubby is away at a treatment center right now, and I really want her to know how much we love her and celebrate her existence! Found a great card for her. Also found one simply saying the Lord told me to pray today for the other friends who are going through a marital crisis right now.

Go to the checkout, and of course there is one aisle open with several customers waiting. Being the paragon of patience that I am (ha!), I roll my eyes and look at my watch, gloss over the tabloid headlines and grow more irritated at the American fascination with morally inept, trashy celebrities. The checker is humming, joyfully, and as I hear it, my heart lightens, and a smile creeps into my face. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happy little Hispanic man there, and every time, he brings me joy. The lady in front of me checks out and he addresses her by first name, telling her to have fun planting – that he hasn’t got his plants out yet, believe it or not. I chime in, “You’d better get on the stick, then, they’re missing out on great growing weather!” He looks at me and tells me he’s probably not going to get them out this year, smiles and shrugs his shoulders with an implied gratitude, as if to say, “I’ve got so many blessings, not having a garden this year is not a concern of mine.” I spy his name tag, and see his name is, quite appropriately, Jesus.

That’s when the above hymn began playing in my mind.

Have you ever stood in the family
With the Lord there in your midst;
Seen the face of Christ on your brother?
Then, I say you’ve seen Jesus, my Lord.

Yes, I got to see the Lord today, in the joy and kind heart of a man bearing His name. I also saw Him in the sunny blue skies today, the opening rosebud in my front yard.

Have you seen Him today?