Charlie Brown and I that is. We are on couple number 2 from church who are experiencing marital problems, and have been the chosen confidantes.

Yesterday, as I spoke to her, I wanted to point out all of her contributions to the mess they were in, but kept hearing “you who are spiritual should restore that person gently” kept rolling around in my mind. So I sat and listened, and feebly offered the best case-mgt I could:

Write out 5 things that you’re angry about in “I’m angry because …..” form.
Then, write 5 things YOU can do to alleviate that anger – not what HE can/should do
and the 5 reasons WHY you should not dwell on the anger, and try to implement the anger alleviation steps.
Sjare it with me in a few days, as accountability.
What else to sau or do? I’m not sure. Just continue being a friend and listening. I used to want to do this for a living…now I’m not so sure. Charlie Brown’s gotten the same thing from the husband, and he’s REALLY uncomfortable – “Why me LIRD, I don’t want to feel other’s pain!”
I had a dream several years ago, when we were in the midst of our own marital crisis, that Charlie Brown and I were a team working on marital relationship issues with the church. I’m starting to question whether it was a prophetic dream?