Punkinhead has been wearing big boy undies for upwards of about 2, maybe 3? months now, with only 3 documented accidents. The first was near the start of wearing big boy pants. The second was a few weeks ago at daycare, when he opted to continue playing outside versus inconvenience his fun-time by stopping and using the toilet. The 3rd? Yesterday. Yup.

And get this…Miss B, the daycare provider, tells me that she had him pee on the potty, asked him if he needed to poopie, he said no, and 5 MINUTES LATER, she asked him if he was dirty. Supposedly, he proudly smirked and said, “Yes,” with his newly developed ess at the end of this word. (Until just recently yes was yeah, very New Jersey sounding).

Miss B, in her recount to me, belabored this next point:

I never punish kids for potty training issues, but we had just been in there! And, his attitude was wrong. So he got a time-out.
I don’t blame her; I’d have done the very same thing.
So…I had to tell you that story so I could tell you this story….
Last night, Punkinhead asked everyone what their favewit paht of the day was. When it was his turn to report on his favorite part of the day, his answer was, with this smile:

“poopie in my pants.”

What do you do with that? Try as I might, I simply couldn’t keep a straight face. The boy is ORNERY!