LMNOB is 5! And Punkinhead is almost 3! Where have my babies gone?

I love the little persons they are turning into, but mourn the passing of babyhood. I’ve a list of phrases they both used to use that are no longer uttered ’round here – and I miss them!

Hot juice – this is what LMNOB used to call a soda

Cha-cha meeeeeelk – Punkinhead’s early label for chocolate milk, paired with an adorable little tushie shaker dance every time I made it for him – recently revised to:

Chocwut meelk

Do-wha – Dora, beloved by both kiddos, but now correctly pronounced (though I do still have Eggo – PH’s attempt at Dora’s cousin Diego)

Ok…I had more in mind but now am drawing a blank…I guess this is to be cont’d….

Chi-chen – Chicken as both pronounced for a long time

And how could I forget these gems?

Dez-uh-ert – LMNOB’s version of dessert. Heehee, how many times over the years have I heard, “Mommy can I puh-lease have some dez-uh-ert?” LOL

Kiss-DUH-stin’ – LMNOB’s rendition of disgusting. “Ewww brudder, that’s kissDUHstin’ !” We actually use this one around the house, Charlie Brown and I.

Nigh’ nigh’ – Punkinhead’s night-night = his blanket Nana made him. He now says blankie, and when he made the switch I was SO sad! 😦