So, Purple_Kangaroo invited me (and any of her other readers for that matter) to play along in this meme…

I hope I’m doing this right – lol. Give the Rookie a break, alright? 😉

purple_kangaroo said…
Mommyham, here are your questions:

1. What was one of your favorite pastimes when you were a kid? (I’m thinking age 10-12 or so, but that can be flexible.)
–Well, I was known to spend many a summer reading the days away…at age 10-12, it would’ve involved anything Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume (particularly those which were for the older kids! I think of this now and parentally go: EEEKS!), Nancy Drew, Laura Ingalls-Wilder, etc… My next favorite pasttime was the acting out/continuous play theme with my siblings of The Boxcar Children at home in our large and overgrown backyard.

2. I know you’re new to blogging. What influenced you to start a blog, and what do you hope for out of it?
— I am recently re-diagnosed with major depression (2nd time in life) and trying to face myself in a very real way. For a long time, I have repressed things, such as my ambivalence towards what feels like Plan B for my life, or my lifelong pipe dream to be creative with my writing. I am at a point now where it’s not likely I’ll be writing freelance or otherwise for awhile, and journalling doesn’t keep me accountable to creative expression so much as record keeping, so I guess with a blog (and hopefully a readership following it) I’m hoping to return to better use of my brain and abilities, keep a meaningful and expressive hobby that is fulfilling, and generally put myself out there for anyone who wants to see. Coming of Age Entertainment/Education Reality-Style.

3. What’s a favorite and least favorite thing about being a parent?
–Oh, C’mon! I only get one of each? this is going to take awhile……
Ok…my least favorite thing is that there is no universal, tried and true parenting manual/style to default to when things get rough, and the insecurity that encompasses.
My favorite thing is the unique, indivdualities my children have. No other two little people are quite like my Punkinhead and LMNOB, and probably never will be – what a great blessing and charge to nurture two very different children – they make my heart swell! I could go on about hugs, kisses, mid-slumber murmurings, seeing them enact kind behaviors we attempt to teach them, etc…there are so many things about parenthood that are true blessings 🙂

4. If you could buy one luxury item for yourself, a real splurge, what would it be and why?
–A life-time maid service, non-expirable before my death, transferable to any location we would ever move to, duties including laundry, bathroom cleaning, and dishes – I can handle vaccuuming, dusting, and sweeping/mopping myself – they’re the chores I don’t mind. Why?? Uhm, does that one need explanation? LOL – seriously…I contemplated clothes, cosmetic products I covet, a library of books I’d love to read or re-read, but didn’t choose them, b/c the truth is I’ll probably end up with them someday. The maid service – though I would love it, I probably would never do it thinking I couldn’t afford it, and this question asked if I **could** splurge, what would it be on!

5. (stealing from one of the questions R2Ks asked me)If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?
–I have a lot of places I would love to go and do various things while there, ranging from philanthropic works to just plain indulgent tourist activities. But…we have not had the money to go on a “real” vacation, i.e. something other than visits to relatives homes and/or camping trips, in our married life, due to the nature of Charlie Brown’s pay…don’t get me started on the idiocies of mechanic compensation. Soooo, I have been to the town CB was born in and lived at briefly before moving to CO where we met (he also returned to go to college there) and seen his “roots.” But, he has not seen mine. With that in mind, as well as my “facing myself” issues, I would probably go back to Kelso, WA and remind myself from where I originated, thank some very key people who intervened in my life, and have some moments much like Jenny did in Forrest Gump when she went to her childhood home. I sound like a mental case fixated on something, don’t I? My other reason for wanting to go back there is a longing for the rocky beaches and stormy seas of the NW – speaks much more to me than the tranquil blue seas of CA or FL. I do miss the ocean.

Ok…gosh, I am long-winded, and at midnight on spring forward eve – I’m going to be a zombie in the morning for church….Good thing I praised the Lord and sang my heart (and now dry throat) out to Him with an accompanying worship CD on the drive home from Denver tonight – tomorrow/today, my brain will be fried beyond the help of my usual caffeine ritual.

PK, great questions….you made me think!

g’nighty-night all….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz