Iiiit’s FRIDAY!!! And a beautiful Friday morning in Colorado – sunny blue skies with fluffy white clouds. So enchanted by the morning, I was motivated to get out immediately after breakfasting and do the very strenuous Mommy WorkOut.

To Perform: place two children totalling approximately 70 lbs in a traditional Radio Flyer wagon. Pull load behind your Mommy-self, while trekking varied neighborhood terrain at a brisk pace for at least 1 mile.

In my case, we went up and down hills on the paved neighborhood trails for about 1.25 miles, the last .25 being a continually steady uphill grade, which had me sweating like a hog and breathing like an asthmatic. During our outing, I realized, my kids are pretty darned happy and well-adjusted! This in spite of my constant insecurity that the opposite is true. The basis for such an epiphany? The sounds I heard when I periodically focused enough to hear more than the wagon wheels noisily rolling along the pavement.

LMNOB sitting with Punkinhead, entertaining him with her heartsongs of the day:
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“I love my Mo-o-o-mmeee, we have fu-u-u-n, I love my Da-a-a-dd-ee-ee-ee, he’s so stro-o–ong! My brudder and me have so much to do today-ay-ay…..”
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I must be doing something right, eh?

So it’s Friday…the rest of the day includes INTENSIVE house cleaning – we are a wreck right now! Scrapbooking crop night at my friend/day-care provider’s home…bound to be fun, though I feel a smidge guilty b/c Charlie Brown had to be alone with the kids last night for my 2x/month evening meeting.

Tomorrow? We’re off to the Denver Zoo with the kids, and ALL my IL’s – parents and BIL’s family, as my youngest neice and LMNOB both had March b’days and this was my MIL’s travel compromise/gift for the kiddos.

Sunday is church…also Spring Forward. I’m looking forward to the extra daylight, but not losing that hour of sleep!

For now, I’m relishing it’s still Friday for another 13+ hours 🙂

P.S. Yes, I am working on a post re: my day with LMNOB…I had it nearly complete when a misfortunate and erroneous deletion occured! We had a splendid time and so many memorable moments Wednesday, that I want to record it all, to look back and remember.