LOL, LMNOB just informed me that today is “Paint Patrick’s Day,” and wanted to know “what we do today?”

I told her we simply wear green. I figure 5 yrs of age is not nearly enough to comprehend the significance of Saint Patrick and his introduction of Christianity to the Celts…or the lore behind the idea of him driving all the snakes out of Ireland. I envision her hearing that and thinking, “Cool, but what’s the big deal?” Nevertheless, we did do a fun leprechaun shot, seen above.

As for me and Charlie Brown, it’s our monthly date night. Since our last two date nights have been cozy, casual, and intimately us, this one’s gonna be a double! Saint Paddy’s day with two of our married-sans-kids friends, out on the town, at our fave Irish Pub, Conor O’Neil’s, in the heart of Old Town. It’s bound to be great fun for this red-headed Scotch-Irish lass.