Not really written on March 1, 2006 – but I didn’t want this on my main page!

My first [semi-autobiographical] post, explaining the blog title, is here.

How I came to the blogosphere is here.

The “Who’s who” of my ramblings is found here

Random trivial personal tidbits – told ya, everything you EVER wanted to know!

I am not immune to insecurity. Or depression. Or bouts of narcissism (bad) – masked as confidence (good).

I married young. 19.

As an indirect result… (read: huge surprise) I was a young(ish) mom – still am in most circles, too.

Charlie Brown and I both apparently ordered mini-me’s when makin’ the babies.

My Li’l Miss has recently been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction…life’s been interesting since this.

My church is of a fundamentalist Christian flavor, but I am a Christian first, Church of Christ member second. I tend to see things in the heretical shade of GRAY…. :gasp:

If that ain’t enough for ya’ll…well…archives are below and to the right.